February News from Howard County Recycling
Awards! Rewards! Come one...come all!
We LOVE to recognize the 'green' in our community. Businesses who report their recycling will earn the Work Green Howard certification and for the first time, we're offering a Business Recycling and Waste Reduction Award (HURRY applications due February 28!). More...

In addition, we have a Green Community Leadership Award that recognizes schools, non-profits or other community based organizations.
Now that you've heard the "S" word. We hope our recent weather emails were helpful. Tell your friends so everyone will be in the know! Updates also available at 410-313-6444 and on our Inclement Weather webpage
If you're curious... Most residents reuse and recycle their boxes and wrapping paper to prevent waste during the holidays. The second favorite was donating old items. Keep up the great work! Have an idea for a question? Reply to this email and let us know.
Whether you are a kid, have a kid or sometimes feel like a kid
We have lots of resources for you! We offer tours, presentations and FREE coloring books (created by kids in Howard County!). Check out our Kids and School Resources and these 10 educational waste and recycling apps for the little recycler in your life.
Curbside Yard Trim Collection...
has ended for the season and will resume in April. What do I do with my yard trim after January 19 ? Residents in the Feed The Green Bin area receive year-round yard trim and food scrap collection.
Household Hazardous Waste
HHW drop-off special days at ARL on the first Saturday of the month: February 3 and March 3 . Regular Saturday drop-off will reopen on Saturday, April 7, 2018.