The joy of engineering is to find a straight line on a double logarithmic diagram. Thomas Koenig
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Truth in Specifications?

A recent book project of mine involved the teardowns of two dozen electronic devices, from a stereo amplifier and ultrasonic humidifier to a power conditioner. In several cases, the teardowns revealed manufacturers were either intentionally or unintentionally misleading consumers with product specifications that were confusing, incomplete, or simply false.

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Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi, Anyone?

The Raspberry Pi represents a breakthrough in low cost computing power. Get a piece of this popular DIY action by learning how to cook up your own RPi to start experimenting with.

Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 30
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

A data logger uses just about everything that a microcontroller can do.This project will be using the DataFlash to log the data, the hardware SPI to talk to the DataFlash, the USART to talk with a PC, one of the timers for a real time clock, the ADC for light, temperature, and voltage sensors, and more. So, before things get out of hand, let's begin to build the resources that we'll need later to make that promised data logger.

Learning Systems for PICs

This is an educational learning system - not just another experimenter board -  for all levels of programming from beginner to expert.
Learn the fundamental concepts of programming, from plain-English descriptions of software tools to concepts including program flow, loops, coding techniques, binary manipulation, device-to-device communication, user-interface design, and more.
14 Lessons use a building-block approach to teach you incrementally, from a six-line program to a working user-interface.
Tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming.
All necessary hardware and software included, all you need is a computer with a standard USB port.
Security Electronics Systems And Circuits
Security Electronics Systems And Circuits - Part 1
Electronic security system basic principles.
Any system that provides its owner/user with a reasonable degree of protection against one or more real or imagined dangers, threats, or nuisances can be described as a 'security' system. This series starts off by explaining electronic security system basic principles and then goes on to describe a wide variety of devices that can be used within modern electronic security systems.
Build Your Own Induction Charger
Build Your Own Induction Charger

Borrowing from the concept of wireless chargers now on the market, you can build your own DIY version to power your projects and learn about inductive charging in the process!

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Ham and Shortwave Radio for the Electronics Hobbyist
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Ham and Shortwave Radio for the Electronics Hobbyist

One of our favorite things about this book is all the great tips and factoids that come under headings like "For Nerds Only," "An Old Timer Remembers," "A Techie's Confession," "Not A Tweak Freak." Taking complicated techie subjects and putting them in everyday speak is not always an easy task. This book does it well and is a must have for anyone getting started in electronics or Ham Radio.  

  • Radio waves and how they travel
  • Shortwave and allwave listening
  • Communications modes for ham radio operators, including using the Internet as a supplement
  • Ham radio licenses and assigned frequency ranges (bands) used in the United States
  • Wave-propagation characteristics and tips on the bands best suited for use at different times of the day, year, and sunspot cycle
  • Selecting and installing equipment for fixed ham radio stations
  • Setting up mobile and portable ham radio stations
  • Antennas and transmission lines for various frequencies and station types
  • How to operate your station using popular voice and digital modes
  • Schematic symbols and Q signals for ham radio operators
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