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So, according to our stats, the article "What The L Is It?" was the most read article in last week's newsletter, by far. Who knew that measuring inductance was such a popular past time? (Sorry football) How fortuitous that there's a follow up article (Probing Cores) in store for you this week, that builds on that project. And, we have the two linked together in the series tab in the sidebar, so you can click back if you missed it last week.

Also, our really quick survey is back with just 3 questions about building electronics projects. So click on over and get it out of the way, then check out this week's reads.

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And as always, we say thank you to the hand that feeds us. This week, that hand once again belongs to the great people at Hitec. Thanks guys!

That's it, Enjoy!
How Do You Measure Competency?
Do you consider yourself a competent electronics enthusiast? Competency - a measure of someone's skills, knowledge, and attitudes in a domain - is a term usually associated with work and human resource departments. However, the concept of competency also has merit in the avocation of electronics. But what constitutes competency, and why should you aspire to greater competency?

High Voltage Power Supply
High Voltage Power Supply Unit

It's fun to collect and experiment with forgotten technology! But, you'll need a stable high voltage power supply to get started. Enter the HVPSU!

Hitec D-Series Servos
Hitec's D-Series Dynamos 

Monster Performance Never Known Before In A Servo!

All Hitec D-Series servos are designed using cutting edge, custom engineering.

  • High-resolution, state-of-the-art ultra-response technology.
  • 32-bit MCU and 12-bit ADC for unprecedented programmability and flexibility.
  • Delivers unrivaled smooth and precise movement.
  • Wide 4.8 ~ 8.4 voltage range, allowing use with any common battery chemistry, without the need for adapters or regulators.

Here are some of the most asked questions about the Workbench Challenge!

Is it hard?  No
Will there be prizes?  Yes
If I win, will I be famous?  Yes   (wait, define famous... then No)
What are my odds of winning?  Good  (Odds go down significantly if you don't enter)
What if I don't have a workbench?  That sucks for you, but you can still enter Part 1.
Does it cost money to enter?  No
What exactly is the Workbench Challenge? Glad you asked. Get The Details
Basic form of an optocoupler device
Optocoupler Circuits
Principles and applications of a variety of optocoupler devices.

An optocoupler device is a sealed, self-contained unit that houses independently-powered optical (light) Tx and Rx units, that can be coupled together optically. 

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B-H tester board
Probing Cores
Build an Oscilloscope Accessory That Displays the B-H Curves of Inductor Cores

Last week's newsletter featured the article "What The L Is It?" which described building a handy inductance meter. This is the follow up to display the B-H curves of inductor cores.   

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Smiley's Workshop 21 - Breadboarduino
C Programming * Hardware * Projects
There are many folks who are ready to move beyond what Arduino does easily. This leads to attempts to twist the concept all out of shape to make it do things it just wasn't designed for. So, let's bust up the Arduino and reconstruct our own version from the pieces.

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Electronic Gadgets For The Evil Genius 
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Electronic Gadgets For The Evil Genius

Not only is this book filled with really cool projects, it goes the extra mile and explains the scientific principles at work that make them cool. Step-by-step instructions, schematics, and full construction details make this a great weekend activity guide to teach the kids or grandkids (or just yourself) something interesting.

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  • Automatic programmable charger
  • Full-feature plasma driver
  • Capacitor-discharge drilling machine and dielectric tester
  • Capacitor exploder
  • Field detector
  • High-power therapeutic magnetic pulser
  • Singing arc
  • Solid-state Tesla coil
  • Six-foot Jacob's ladder
  • Free high-voltage experimental energy device
  • HHO reactor cell
  • Hydrogen howitzer
  • Faraday cage
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