Do you design electronics to stand the test of time?
There's always those quick and dirty, functional but ugly projects that never make it off the breadboard. But what about a masterpiece that will outlive you and be a testament to your skills and imagination?
This time, let's hear about your favorite build, that you hope will be used or even just admired long after you're gone.

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Heirloom Electronics_ How to Build the Very Best

Let's say you've been designing and building electronics devices for some time now, and you're good at it. You want to leave something behind - perhaps a gift to a loved one - that highlights the best of your work in the art. Assuming you have a circuit in mind, where do you go from here?

Octopart - Relays
The Smart Doorbell _ A Simple Programmable Relay Project

Programmable relays are microcontroller-based devices that can replace older hard-wired electromechanical control systems such as an array of relays, timers, and counters. Here is an introduction to programmable relays as a means of building a smart doorbell.

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Fix Up that Old Radio_ _ Part 2 Repairing A 1937 DeWald Model 618 Tube Radio

Last time, we got started repairing a 1937 DeWald Model 618 tube radio. After a short history lesson, we made some basic checks on the radio's important coils and transformers, and discovered that this radio looks like it's in pretty good shape for being 78 years old.

In this final part, we'll go through the rest of the repair process, a first power-up, and aligning the radio's tuning dial on our 1937 classic.
I am a university student studying electronics and I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation of Schmitt triggers. Particularly, what is the difference between positive and negative feedback? Why does positive feedback cause oscillation in one configuration and eliminate it in another?
Impedance Matching

When RF energy travels in a transmission line and encounters a load or different type of line, the resulting reflections create standing waves of voltage and current, just as water waves do when they encounter an obstruction. Impedance matching isn't mysterious, it's really just about controlling reflections in transmission lines.
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