December 4, 2020 by Gina Keesling - Ideas for crafts and cooking!
Horseshoe Crafts book has been a huge hit with farriers and horse lovers
The sturdy metal of horseshoes meets exciting home crafting in this inventive book. Horseshoe Crafts provides thirty welding projects for you to try at home, whether you are a beginning welder or a more experienced crafter.
Wine racks make excellent gifts - and an ambitious (or desperate) welder with horseshoes on hand could throw one of these together in an evening.

The book even gives ideas for making and selling these to liquor stores, wineries, restaurants and more.

Check out my personal collection of favorite ideas for repurposing horseshoes here.
Well, this is something I never thought I'd be doing - my latest blog posts surprise even me! I never, ever saw myself as a food blogger... yet here we are.
You see, here at the Keesling house (also the home of, most of our day is spent tending to customers' orders, remodeling the house, and doing outside chores. There's not much time left for cooking, but we still gotta eat. Whenever I want to try something new, and go looking online for recipes, what I end up finding are meals that look yummy, but entail 49 different steps and result in a sink full of dirty dishes before we even get to sit down and eat. 
We use Farriers Fitting Hot Sauce on everything; meat, vegetables, noodles, even eggs, and in upcoming blog posts I'll be sharing some of my favorite fast and easy recipes.

Since I discovered a new (to me) and life-changing way to prepare them so they peel super easily (more about that here) I keep a jar of boiled eggs in the fridge all the time. A couple eggs and a chunk of meat makes a great snack or a small meal.
And I've got some other recipes in the works that utilize HoofPrints' own QuenchWater Farriers Blend Coffee
Order a QuenchWater logo'd Baseball Jersey, get a FREE 8 oz QuenchWater Coffee
The backstory on the QuenchWater brand: You see, my farrier husband likes his coffee black. And strong. So strong that he describes it as "Strong enough to float a horseshoe." And thus the idea for Quench Water Coffee was born. For the uninitiated, quench water is the water that farriers and blacksmiths use to quickly cool their heated horseshoes and what-not. Farriers who travel empty their quench water bucket between stops, but the water in stationary shops is not changed. It lingers forever and takes on murky, mythical qualities. It's even said to be a reliable cure for poison ivy.
This Two Tone Heather Baseball Jersey is super soft. The lightweight, cotton/poly blend is designed for comfort all the way around, from the removable tag to the flatlock seams, easy moving 3/4 length raglan sleeves and raw serge shirttail hem. It's screenprinted with HoofPrints' own QuenchWater Coffee logo.
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What's NEW? These 2 T-shirts - and they're under $20!
I Train Horses... To Eat Carrots - Available in two new colors, the soft fabric is a medium weight that is cool, soft and washes up great. Distressed, screenprinted logo is HoofPrints' own. Most surprising about these is the Vintage Chocolate is outselling the Vintage Purple. Which is an all time first - historically, colors in the blue family always outperform the earth tones.
The rest of the story about the I TRAIN HORSES TO EAT CARROTS logo: Now, these shirts were designed with a tiny bit of sarcasm- as a joke for those of us who want to train our horses using non-forceful methods (treats) and who occasionally encounter less-than-stellar results. It's a whole 'nother story, but I personally found myself a bit lost after I decided to swear off using the option of punishment when working with my horses. I can't always get the results I am hoping for, but I CAN, always get them to eat a carrot. It's a lighthearted way of looking at the learning process (both mine and theirs.)
My efforts to clear the warehouse (and my house- house) of accumulated oddball products continues to gain momentum. I've written about it before. The point continues to be, sometimes the space becomes more valuable than the items that are occupying it. So this is where most places say... "our loss is your gain!" Well, check out this super-cheap stuff and BUY IT. And your gain will be my gain, too. Because I need that space on the shelf.
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Wanna drill things down? I made sale departments for some specific categories:

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Sale ART here - there are a lot of lovely prints languishing in drawers here that really should be hanging on folks' walls making them smile and beautifying their homes.

Sale Garments You never know what you'll find on the HoofPrints sale pages. In the past there have been houses for rentPeterbilt semi parts and accessories, etc. These days you'll see a lot of different garments marked down. So much stuff that I created the SALE GARMENTS category to make it easier to see them all. That's here
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