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Did you know that YOU have access to the same treatments that keep top athletes out of pain? Yes, extraordinary talent has next to nothing to do with being born lucky.
Massage Therapy Journal recently sat down with Michael talk about his swimming career and the role massage therapy played in his training and recovery.

Q: What role did massage therapy play in keeping you in top shape as a competitive swimmer and, more specifically, an Olympic athlete?

Phelps: Massage therapy was a very big part of my training routine. I treated my body like a race car and always wanted it to be ready to go. On average, I was getting worked on four to five days a week. more
For most of us, keeping our body working like "a race car" means being able to work and play without pain & stress getting in the way. This can be achieved by adding regular massage as part of your health care routine.

The research demonstrating that massage helps with stress and anxiety is fairly well-established. However, recent research in a 2017 study also looked at the effect of massage on musculoskeletal strain related to prolonged sitting posture with people whose work involves long periods of sitting at a computer. 

Results of this study showed decrease in heart rate variability (stress) and musculoskeletal pain/tension in participants receiving Massage within a setting of relaxing music. more

So what we see is that whether you are an Olympic athlete or a prolonged sitter, Therapeutic massage is a great treatment option.

However, Therapeutic Massage in a clinical setting differs from Spa massage and shows the BEST results for musculoskeletal pain. Spa massage may feel good but is non-specific. Treatment for a workplace injury differs greatly from a sports related injury for example. A Massage guided by a doctor skilled in musculoskeletal injury will have treatments notes to guide the therapist, maximizing specificity and results.

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Massage & Sleep
For Baby
Sleep issues are common among infants and toddlers, and are estimated to occur in 20 to 30 percent of children under 3 years of age. When children experience poor sleep, mothers are also affected. While implementing a bedtime routine is often recommended, there is little research on its efficacy separate from other treatments, or on which components of a bedtime routine help to improve infant sleep.
Previous research has shown that massage can have a positive effect on sleep for preterm infants, infants and young children.
This study examined the impact of a massage-based bedtime routines on infant sleep, maternal sleep and maternal mood. Analyses showed a significant reduction in the number of nighttime wakings for children and mothers given Instructions for massaging the baby’s chest, arms and hands, stomach, back, and legs and feet before bed. Overall, mothers perceived improvements in their child’s sleep for all variables including improvements in bedtime difficulty, how well their child slept, child morning mood and their confidence in managing child sleep issues. More

We are here to Help you & baby
In this study, massage therapy as part of a consistent bedtime routine appears to offer benefits to both infants and mothers related to improved sleep quality. If you have a child experiencing sleep difficulties ask our trained therapists to teach you how to give a simple massage to your child as part of a bedtime routine.
Such great talent in our Wellness center
We are LUCKY to offer 3 excellent Soft Tissue Techniques
Therapeutic Massage * Myofascial Release * Cupping
Gary Casias CMT
Gary is our "magical healing man" earning his name because he is so good at solving soft tissue conditions that are not responding to traditional Chiropractic and Massage approaches. Gary specializes in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach™, and has more than 1000 hours in related healing techniques, such as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), and Visceral Manipulation . He works closely with our Chiropractic team to co-treat stubborn cases of Chronic pain. If we can't get you out of pain, Gary will!
Lynsey Benesch CMT
Lynsey has over 5 years experience in Therapeutic Massage (including prenatal). She is our most requested therapist, with numerous positive reviews. She regularly receives and recommends Acupuncture as a compliment to her Massage for total body health. Her technique focuses on finding and alleviating stubborn trigger points in patients primary areas of pain or injury. This is very effective which is why her clients leave smiling everytime:)
Christy Manchester CMT
Christy has performed injury related Therapeutic Massage (including prenatal) at InnerMovement for 11 years. She is a passionate health advocate, not only helping alleviate patients pain but also teaching and living a wellness lifestyle of good nutrition, Chiropractic adjustments and exercise. She graduated top of her class, has won numerous cross fit competitions & delivers a power packed yet connected Massage experience!
Cupping is another great Soft Tissue Technique used by top Athletes, weekend warriors & more...
Cupping Therapy
 a type of deep tissue massage+
Cupping is a specialized technique performed by our Acupuncturist
Physical pain implies a blockage of blood flow & energy through a particular area. 
Utilizing C upping techniques our Acupuncturist is able to pull & stretch the tissue creating movement in an otherwise stagnant area. This creates relief in chronically tight, painful muscles. It doesn't hurt one bit, actually it FEELS SO GOOD!

The ancient art of Cupping has been utilized by healers and lay people over many centuries. Cupping is a suction technique designed to pull blood from the body’s deeper tissue to the surface of the area being treated. This new blood brings an abundance of nourishment & healing to the area of muscle spasm, pain & toxic buildup.
Supplement Highlight: Magnesium
Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and it is essential to good health. It’s involved in over 300 cellular processes, and optimal intake of magnesium helps support cardiovascular health.* Did you know that magnesium and muscles go hand-in-hand because magnesium triggers a relaxation response in tired, crampy, tight muscles?* The good news is—you can take steps to support your muscle health by supplementing daily with magnesium. It is also helpful for sleep, constipation and stress reduction.*
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