Do you have a Premium Only Plan? 
What is POP &
Non-Discrimination Testing?

A Premium Only Plan is an IRS approved way which allows employees to pay premiums with pre-tax dollars for medical, dental, vision, and other voluntary coverage.

Non-Discrimination Testing
In order to qualify for tax-favored status, a benefit plan must not discriminate in favor of highly compensated employees (HCEs) and key employees with respect to eligibility, contributions, or benefits.

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You can request a Premium Only Plan Document

If your employees are paying their share of healthcare (medical, dental, and vision) premiums via pre-tax payroll deduction, you (the employer) are required under IRS Code Section 125, to maintain a current Premium Only Plan (POP) document. The document includes a Summary Plan Description and Section 125 Plan Document.

If you have a full Flex plan, which includes FSA/Dependent Care accounts, the pre-tax premium plan is likely already included in your Summary Plan Document and you won't need a separate POP plan.
However, you should confirm that with the vendor or review your plan documents.

As a courtesy, Dealey, Renton & Associates, will provide a POP document for your firm
upon request.
You can request a Premium Only Plan document by clicking the icon above or click here, "Please create POP Document". Please complete the form and use the icon 
Email Form to DRA  on the form to email.

This document is provided free of charge to DRA Employee Benefits clients when requested. We will be us
e our ThinkHR Benefits Compliance Suite to create the requested POP document.
Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for the preparation of your POP document.
Following your request for a POP document:
  • You will receive a welcome email from ThinkHR, which will include a link to perform your annual Non-Discrimination Testing.
  • Please note it is your responsibility to login to this ThinkHR link following receipt of the POP document to perform annual Non-Discrimination Testing for your plan. DRA cannot perform the Non-Discrimination Testing for you as it is based on information we do not have. The link we send you with the document will walk you through the process.
If you have any questions after you receive your documents, or cannot recall your password, you may contact the ThinkHR Benefits Compliance Dept. The dedicated support number and email is specific to this type of inquiry.