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We want to hear from you.
Our guiding principles in working with youth tell us that they are on a journey. We see the interconnectedness of past, present, and future as youth decide where they want to go and how to get there.

We want to hear from you about your journey. Whether it’s been 2 months or 20 years, tell us about a time you needed the services of Face to Face and its impact on your life today. It may be what one young person has been waiting to hear to stay motivated on their journey.

Email Alena DeYoung at or call 651-772-5574. Your story could really make a difference.
Why did we stay open during the polar vortex?
Why did Face to Face stay open on the coldest days Minnesota has seen all winter? With dangerous temps getting down to -35°F wind chill, schools and businesses were closing left and right. 

But Face to Face, being a (sometimes the only) safe and warm place for youth, couldn't close our doors. In fact, we extended our hours at SafeZone on the coldest days so our youth wouldn't have to be in the cold. This is why Face to Face is here.

A story from one of the cold days:
Sasha walked into the clinic needing medical care without warm clothing, shelter, or food. Staff were able to find a coat, socks, gloves, a hat, and soup to send with her. They also sent her to a shelter and paid for the cab to get there.

One of our long time and passionate clinic staff remarked, “What’s happening in Room 1 right now, that’s why we’re open. Even if I had a terrible morning getting in.”
And another story from one of our staff at SafeZone:
Resiliency is not often associated with youth who are experiencing homelessness or facing barriers. As staff, we know very well that no one has more grit and resiliency than our youth!
This was true as we witnessed 34 youth brave the extreme weather conditions to come to our drop-in center, SafeZone, and get their needs met on Wednesday, January 30. During one of the record breaking coldest days in Minnesota, a young person made her commute to SafeZone to work on her life goals. Many of us may not have this motivation even on a sunny day! Although temperatures were below freezing, she was motivated enough to come into SafeZone and work with her case manager on her goals.
This young person is currently working with a case manager, and together they have set goals to bring stability to the young person's life. This young person updated her resume and made a list of jobs for which to apply. She mentioned she was grateful that SafeZone was "open on a cold day like today." Before she left for the day, she thanked her case manager, ate a hot SafeZone meal, and grabbed some hand warmers, gloves and a hat. She left with a smile on her face. This is why Face to Face is here.
Face to Face was open on a day when most places were closed. We are here to support youth when they need it the most—and we provide these services to youth year-round.

We have the honor of witnessing so many more of these stories of our young people. This is why your support is critical.

If you are already a donor or volunteer— thank you! If you are not, we encourage you to consider getting involved by volunteering or donating.
Stand up to HIV stigma
Have you seen us around town? Our new campaign fighting HIV stigma can be seen locally on bus ads, in transit shelters, and at bus stops. We're giving the finger to HIV stigma!

An estimated 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV, including about 162,500 people who are unaware of their status. About 40% of new HIV infections are transmitted by people who are living with undiagnosed HIV. For those who are living with undiagnosed HIV, testing is the first step in maintaining a healthy life and reducing the spread of HIV. (Info from the CDC.)

Did you know th at Health Educators are able to provide  FREE rapid HIV testing to all community members? Testing takes less than 15 minutes and results are ready right then—no need to come back later to get results.

Stand up to HIV stigma!
Volunteer Corner
The young people of our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) are beginning their training as youth ambassadors of the work of Face to Face. They are learning how to engage with volunteers, donors, legislators, and members of the community, as they represent the values and principles of Face to Face. Here are two of those young people; as you see them out and about, be sure to ask them about their new role!

To find out about volunteer opportunities or how to volunteer, contact me at or 651-772-5591.

—Joa Sevlie, Community Engagement and Volunteer Coordinator
SafeZone tours coming up!
We are giving tours of SafeZone every 3rd and 4th Monday!
Upcoming tours:

  • March 18, 11a-12p
  • March 25, 11a-12p

Sign up for a tour by emailing or calling 651-772-5574.
Get involved!
Want to engage in the work of Face to Face? Here are ways to help!

Volunteer: Contact Joa Sevlie ( , 651-772-5591) to learn about volunteering, or go to this page on our website.

Donate supplies: Find our wish list here and our Amazon wish lists here and here . Target wish list here . Schedule a drop-off with Alena DeYoung ( , 651-772-5574).

Donate money: It's how we can continue doing the work we do! Donate online here , call 651-772-5574, or send to Face to Face, Attn: Development, 1165 Arcade Street, St. Paul, MN 55106.

Thank you for your help!
Happy March!
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