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Building material costs are rising. Are you adequately protected ?
Supply chain issues and Inflation can impact rebuilding costs. After a major catastrophe such as a hurricane or tornado, construction costs may rise suddenly because the price of building materials and construction workers increase due to the widespread demand. We recommend a guaranteed replacement cost policy. This
help hedge against inflation. Contact our agency for more information.

Personal Umbrella Liability.. What is it and why do I need it?

Experiencing a major insurance claim or lawsuit could lead to personal financial loss if costs exceed coverage provided by your standard homeowners and auto policies. Costs are surprisingly reasonable for this important coverage. We’ll help protect your financial future.

Want to save $ ? Consider increased deductibles
on both auto and home policies

A smart way to offset the costs of your personal insurance policies is to look at increasing your policy deductibles. We have seen many scenarios where raising auto insurance deductible from the standard $500 to $1,000 can save $200 a year, or more. Note that credits will vary. Call our office to investigate how you can benefit from an increased deductible.

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