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Fuel Oil Spills
In Massachusetts, insurance companies are required to offer coverage for fuel spills for owner occupied 1 -4
family residences.
With some companies, escaped liquid fuel coverage is automatically included within home insurance, but it is typically limited to liability coverage (also known as third party), and client would need to include an escaped liquid fuel endorsement to cover their own property.
So are you covered? You may already have some limited coverage, but if you don’t have the escaped liquid fuel endorsement on your policy, then you are probably not effectively covered.

What's Covered?

Also known as oil remediation coverage, escaped liquid fuel coverage covers both property damage and liability caused by a fuel system. That means it pays to repair property (including your home, land, personal property, soil, groundwater, and neighbor’s land) damaged by fuel that escapes from a fuel system on your residence. It also covers any fees and settlement costs if you were to be sued for bodily injury or property damage from fuel that escapes from a fuel system on your residence. A spill can be from a fuel tank, fuel pipes, fuel supply lines, or a system attached to a fuel tank.
Many companies offer an escaped liquid fuel endorsement that covers $50,000 or $100,000 in property damage and $200,000 or $300,000 in liability coverage. Some offer higher limits.

Escaped liquid fuel coverage exclusions:

There are exclusions and stipulations that vary by company If your home was built before 1990, you will be required to confirm that any fuel or supply lines that touch concrete, dirt or any other type of flooring are enclosed in a non-metallic covering. You must also show that any oil safety shut off valves or other approved release prevention methods are in place and have been installed per the manufacturer’s instructions. Your oil company can provide a compliance letter needed to add the coverage.

How much will adding the escaped liquid fuel coverage cost me?

The cost of an escaped liquid fuel endorsement will vary depending on your company, limits, and whether your oil tank is underground or exposed above ground (although most companies won’t cover underground tanks; typically, the coverage increases home insurance premiums by $70 to $400 per year.
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