March 2020
Do you have proper
fresh air ventilation?
Prevent Mold and Improve 
Indoor Air Quality
All Indoor DOAS Air Source Heat Pump with Energy Recovery Alpha Aire is designed to provide a low 100 – 500 CFM  “one stop shop” product. All indoor installation only, one product to source, easy to install and easy to maintain makes this a great solution for IAQ challenges.
 ✔ Packaged Air Source Heat Pump with Energy Recovery Ventilation System
✔ Total Energy Recovery Wheel 
✔ Aluminum Plate Heat Exchanger
✔ 100 – 500 CFM
✔ In-Stock Solutions & Ready To Ship
✔ Install Within Hours Not Days, Providing a Lower Total Installed Cost
✔ Compressor Can be Changed without Evacuating, Brazing or Charging
Health Problems
Because hidden mold and moisture problems are so hard to find, individuals can experience health symptom for months without knowing their health is at risk. This puts all at risks for long-term exposure to mold and microbial that can cause serious discomfort, including allergy and asthma complications.
Leading Performance
  • 2 Times Better than ASHRAE 90.1
  • ISMRE 11.1
  • ISCOP 8.0
  • Sound rating less than NC-40 Maximum amperage is 10.2 amps
In-Stock Solutions - Alpha Aire

The Alpha Aire like all UCA air conditioning equipment is designed for indoor installation! Air handlers and condensers require no exterior mounting space, which is critical in multi-floor, urban applications. Indoor unit mounting preserves the architectural integrity of the building by keeping the roof and perimeter free of obstructions. In addition to eliminating the roof loads, the installation and maintenance costs is lower, the equipment is protected from the elements and security is enhanced because of limited outdoor access. Ask about In-stock Inventory
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