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Control Dampers

Applications: Data Centers. Generator Enclosures. Distribution Facilities.

United Enertech's control dampers serve many purposes, including directing airflow to a specific part of a building or mixing hot and cold air streams for air conditioning. Our dampers also have extremely low leakage, which helps to reduce utility costs, an important benefit for all types of facilities!

New Designs

We continually innovate and look for opportunities to enhance the performance or provide additional benefits for our products. Our recently redesigned CD-100 and CD-101 have a new blade design that includes several improvements.

CD-100, Opposed Blade

CD-101, Parallel Blade

Best in Class -

Max. Velocity, Max. Pressure, and Leakage

The CD-100 and CD-101 are rectangular dampers designed with an extruded aluminum single skin blade with low pressure drop. These dampers are licensed to bear the Certaire Certified Air Ratings Seal. The CD-100 and CD-101 offer some of the best pricing in the industry while maintaining a class 1A leakage. This is largely due to the highly tested 3V blade design from United Enertech.

CD-100 from United Enertech
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This webinar discusses details about the design process, options for customization, and the technical resources that allow us to be flexible. Also, learn more about our streamlined process to fulfill your custom order – from engineering to delivery, it’s all about responsiveness, quality, and a great customer experience.

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We're looking forward to AHR Expo 2023 taking place in Atlanta in February. We'll be exhibiting along with all of the United Enertech Family of Brands. Watch for more details to come, and be sure to check our AHR Expo page on our website for updates as we get closer to the event!

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