1) A dog walker helps puppies unleash their energy
“You might have noticed that your puppy gets a case of the “zoomies” several times a day. The zoomies are easily identified, and symptoms include madly racing around the house…” – American Kennel Club (AKC)

Young dogs are full of energy. If confined to a crate or small room all day, your puppy can become frustrated with no way to release their pent up energy. Hiring a dog walker is the perfect way to alleviate a case of the “zoomies” by ensuring that your puppy’s energy is properly unleashed. Your puppy will likely be calmer and less hyper.

2) A puppy should not be left alone all day
Puppies can become bored and destructive if left to their own devices all day long. A mid-day walk is a great way to confirm that your pup is doing well and enjoying the day. Charlotte’s top dog walkers will even text you photos after walking your puppy to give you peace of mind that your pup has received exercise and is in good spirits.