Florida KidCare is the state's high quality, low cost health and dental insurance program for children from birth through the end of age 18.

Under the Florida KidCare brand, there are four programs: Medicaid for Children, MediKids, Florida Healthy Kids and the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Health Plan.
Eligibility for the programs is based on a child’s age, family’s household size and annual income. Many families pay only $15 or $20 a month for Florida KidCare coverage for all eligible children, but most pay nothing at all!

Competitively priced full-pay options are available to families who aren’t eligible for subsidy plans.

With year-round enrollment and no application fee, families can start their application today!
Florida KidCare Benefits
At most, families will only pay $5-10 copays depending on the child's health plan.
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