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Freedom From Depression:
Statistics report that 1 out of 10 Americans deal with depression at some point in life - but they don't have to. We serve a God of HOPE and depression is the loss of it. Depression debilitates multitudes unnecessarily every day.  Fathers, mothers, doctors, housewives and even ministers battle depression on a daily basis. In this teaching, Bro. Curry clearly and concisely reveals the way out.


Being free from mental anguish, fear, and panic attacks is one of the benefits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Freedom from depression should be the constant state of any believer. This teaching can help you be free and stay free.

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Dominion Restored:

Man was created to walk in Dominion.  He was created to have and exercise dominion over all the earth.  Man's ability and willingness to exercise his God-ordained dominion was disrupted and perverted with his treason against God. Then Jesus...

Jesus has restored man's rightful use of dominion and now, through this teaching, you can learn how to use your authority and dominion to fulfill God's will and your purpose on this earth.

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"If your gospel isn't touching others, it hasn't touched you." - Curry Blake

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