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Emergency Room versus Express Care. What's the difference?

When illness strikes, is an 
Express Care or an Emergency Room your go-to destination for treatment? Your condition is serious, but does it warrant Emergency Room level care? What's the difference between Express Care and Emergency Room care? We help answer these questions for you.
Nurse Practitioners offer a different approach to primary care

Healthcare consumers who are looking for a primary care provider have a choice - see a physician or a certified nurse practitioner. South County Health has both on its medical staff, giving consumers more choices and greater accessibility to primary care.

Certified nurse practitioners, Jennifer Avedisian, RNP and Mary Joyal, FNP-C,  are among the board certified nurse practitioners on the South County Health medical staff. They provide primary care in internal medicine and family medicine at the South County Health Medical & Wellness Center in East Greenwich.
What is a concussion?

Among high school athletes, concussions are most often caused by contact with an opponent, a team mate, the ground, or a piece of equipment or object in the playing area. Football accounts for more than 60% of concussions - the leading cause of concussions in high school males, while soccer is the leader for high school females.

Vigilance urged as flu approaches peak

Special from The Independent

As the flu season nears its peak, South County Hospital is urging local residents to watch for symptoms of the virus, particularly among those who are most vulnerable.
Are you expecting? Hear from parents who have experience.

South County Health Talks

This informational session will provide support to those who are pregnant/thinking about becoming pregnant, considering where to deliver their baby or have questions regarding what to expect before, during and after delivery at South County Hospital. 
Health eCooking: Mac and Cheese Bites

Here's an easy appetizer for your next party. These healthy mac and cheese bites will be a crowd favorite.