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July 7, 2017

Grooming Differences Between the UK and the US

If you've ever traveled to the United Kingdom, you may have noticed some differences in dog grooming techniques than those we use here in the United States . In this video, Melissa Verplank and Colin Taylor dig into these differences and invite you into the conversation.

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From the Archives!  
Grooming a Maltese in a Modified Schnauzer Trim

As Judy works on this stunning little dog, she uses a combination of clipping, guard comb work, scissors, and blenders to achieve an eye appealing trim. Along the way, she talks about typical trimming challenges you run into with a drop coated dog. She gives you hints on how to fix the issues quickly. This is only the second haircut this dog has ever had. Judy discusses introducing a dog to clippers and how to work with them if they're a little fussy.

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