July 19, 2019
Do you know the perfect candidate for a career at VLB?
Please share these job postings with your community:

  • Staff Attorney: This attorney will have proven legal experience coupled with the unique ability to manage programming to help low-income clients with civil legal issues and the capacity to inspire attorney volunteers to fight for equal justice. Click here for more info. 

  • Woodlawn Legal Coordinator: This individual will have proven project management, organizational, and administrative skills with a passion and a capacity for service to improve opportunities for those with the greatest need. Click here for more info.
Can you help one of these clients in need?
Please help this couple adopt their nephew that they have had permanent custody of for four years. The child's biological mother consents to the adoption and the child's biological father is deceased.   I can help! 
Case status:
  • Mother consents to the adoption 
  • Custody was awarded to aunt and uncle four years ago 
VLB added value:
  • All documents can be provided to attorney 
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in adoption law
Please help this client obtain guardianship for her brother. He is a veteran and unable to take care of himself. She needs the guardianship to ensure he is taken care of . I can help!
Case status:  
  • Client is working with a social worker to take care of her brother
  • He lives separately from her but cannot make decisions for himself 
VLB added value:
  • Guidance on how to proceed
  • VLB can provide the necessary paperwork
This client needs assistance probating the estates of her deceased parents. Their property is not being cared for, and her sister will not let any other family members on the property. I can help!
Case status: 
  • The deed to the home is in the names of her deceased parents
  • Neither estate has been probated
  • The client needs help opening the estates to transfer the property
VLB added value: 
  • Guidance on how to proceed
  • VLB can provide necessary paperwork
This client needs assistance probating her ex-husband's estate for the sake of her daughters. She wants to ensure that her daughters receive property given to them in the divorce decree. I can help!  

Case status: 
  • Decedent passed away with no will
  • The estate includes a bank account and his truck 
VLB added value:
  • Guidance on how to proceed 
  • Access to probate documents
We appreciate our attorney volunteers!
Thanks to these volunteers who shared their time and expertise at recent VLB Help Desks:
Loring Jones works with a client at the Civil Help Desk

  • Rebecca Beers (Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell) 
  • Daphne Hoyt
  • Loring Jones
  • Shannon Moore

  • Starnes clerks: Alice Bradford, Mollie Gills, Eric Lyerly, and Brad Prosch
Katy Eldridge assists a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk 

  • Starr Drum (Maynard)
  • Katy Eldridge (Maynard)
  • Melinda Guillaume
  • Ginger Hamilton
  • Susan McAlister
  • John Milledge
  • Michael Russ

  • Starnes clerks: Marky Bingham, Braden Morell

Bob Dow helps a client at the Homeless Help Desk

  • Bob Dow (Maynard)
  • Priscilla Kelley 
  • Bill Rose (Butler Snow)
  • Amber Whillock (Starnes)
Jerry Ingram and Louis DeArman volunteered at the Veterans Help Desk

  • Hon. John Carroll (Cumberland) 
  • Raymond Garrison (Garrison Law)
  • Jerry Ingram 
  • Wilson Myers

  • Starnes clerks: Robert Humphrey and Cole Peck

  • Student volunteerLouis DeArman (BSL)
 If you work with a non-profit, you don't want to miss this! 
The Alabama Civil Justice Foundation and Birmingham Bar Association are offering a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to make the most of their donor relationships. Join them July 25 from 1-4 p.m. to hear expert Lynne Wester explain "The 4 Pillars of Donor Relations." Click   here   for more information or to register.
Join us next week at a Help Desk!
Starr Drum volunteering at the Domestic Relations Help Desk
Please consider  signing up  for an attorney volunteer slot next week. We have openings at the following Help Desks: 

  • Civil — 7/22 and 7/25
  • Turning Point Court — 7/23
  • Domestic Relations — 7/24
  • Domestic Relations Pro Se Docket — 7/26
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