What the business does: Medcurity is a software as a service (SaaS) company that offers a HIPPA compliance (medical privacy and security) platform to a variety of groups.

Target audiences: Practices and hospitals of all sizes nationwide, Hepper said, "We have customers all over the U.S. and we also have partnerships with consulting firms, self-care management, IT groups, and associations." They have 12 employees.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? We saw a decrease in second quarter; we had conversations with lots of hospitals and everyone took step back; we used that time to develop relationships with several groups like physician's insurance. They worked with GSI to offer a business continuity planning class. Hepper said that overall business slowed down, but they promoted the partnerships and continued relationship development.

What has she learned? One way to help the community was to provide business continuity planning. Hepper said, "Conferences were a big source of leads for us, but they were all cancelled." They held and facilitated virtual roundtables with target audiences with health care CIOs and compliance managers.

One of our key values is trailblazing, we are doing this every single day. We are learning and implementing as fast as we can. Hepper said, "I have learned how to embrace being in a start-up as opposed to working for another organization. Fundraising has been an experience." She added, "If I would provide a suggestion for young entrepreneurs, find someone a couple of steps ahead of you. We were fortunate we had Start-Up Spokane at that time. We had a built in network."

She is inspired by: "When I think of our business and what’s been going on, I am very inspired by health care providers on the front line and health care leaders that are wearing so many hats and keep things going at this time. They are focusing on patient care."

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Contact: Amanda Hepper, president and co-founder, Medcurity, Inc., O: 509-867-3641| C: 509-842-8115, https://medcurity.com/