There is a difference between Passive and Active Recovery
Don't Take REST so Literally
A passive recovery day means you're not doing any physical activity, and the only time you really need one is when you're injured or sick. Most of your days off should focus on
active recovery. This involves low-intensity movement, like an easy bike ride or walking the dog, flexibility & mobility exercises or
foam rolling.

These will increase circulation & assist in bringing key nutrients to your muscles so they repair faster.
On your days off from your workouts...
Your GOAL should be to get your heart rate up slightly and loosen any tightness, not break a serious sweat.
Keep your Calories Steady
Stay consistent with your healthy diet. There is no reason to dial back the food intake on days when you are not working out. Your muscles need those nutrients to rebuild. Your energy stores are depleted, so the next day you may feel overly tired if you do.
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