The Fire Benefit Charge is one of Renton RFA’s primary funding mechanisms, paying for over 40% of our operations. It was approved by voters in 2016, when the organization was formed. During the upcoming November 2nd General Election, voters will decide whether or not to renew the Fire Benefit Charge.

It’s important that you know what the Fire Benefit Charge is and what it funds—including firefighter salaries, engines and aid units, fire stations and equipment. Over the next three months, this newsletter will include educational information about the Fire Benefit Charge, including what happens if it is not renewed. This month, we're focusing on what the Fire Benefit Charge is, why it was proposed, and how it’s different from other funding mechanisms.   

We are always humbled when community members help us do what we do best - keep the Renton community safe, healthy, and strong. Check out the stellar donation we received this month!

Some months are busier than others. July tends to be one of the busiest here at Renton RFA. With summer in full swing and conditions being extremely dry, our crews were busy. Check out our most significant incidents.