Meet our Inside Sales Representative, Greg Bartlett

Greg is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys building and flying RC helicopters, drones and planes.  Recent grad from the University of “hard knocks”.

He has been involved in manufacturing since 1982 when he worked at his father's company.  Experience  includes sales and quoting along with shop floor skills. Greg is the main contact for American Wire EDM.  

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Do you know who discovered Wire EDM?
Electrical discharge manufacturing originated in the 1960s when researchers in the Soviet Union discovered Wire EDM as a method for cutting steel to make tools. In the United States, an engineer named David H. Dulebohn of the Andrew Engineering Company combined the Soviet technology with a computer that used optics to follow drawings. Dulebohn’s development led to the creation of the CNC EDM machines we use today. CNC EDM machines became available for the first time in 1976, and since then, the technology has continued to evolve. For a more detailed history of electrical discharge machining, visit our History of EDM page.
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