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#MeToo and millennials have moved the conversation about gender inequality to the spotlight.
News stories around the country are addressing gaps in pay and sexual harassment at work. The country's top talent has started to demand inclusive hiring and policies. And to remain competitive, some businesses are adjusting their practices.

Now Is the Time to Do Your Homework - Do Know Your Rights As an Employee?

How Does Y our Company/Organization Deal with Conflict?
  • What is the internal disciplinary process? If you have a complaint, who do you report to? Is it confidential? What are the exceptions? Are there other avenues available to make a complaint, like dedicated person in HR or a hotline? Is mediation offered?
  • What happens if an employee files a formal complaint and leaves or is fired? Is there mandatory arbitration? If so, can you opt-out?

What Is Your Company/Organization Doing to Promote a Positive Work Environment?
  • What type of trainings are offered? And to whom?
  • Does the hiring and on-boarding process reflect values of diversity and inclusion?
  • How can an employee provide feedback and suggestions to the organization? Is it confidential?

Educate yourself: review the employee handbook and check out your HR resources.
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Guest Blog Post from The Equality Institute:
Five Things Every Organization Can Learn
from the Starbucks Incident
By now, you’ve likely heard the story about two black men who were arrested for trespassing at a Starbucks in Philadelphia while merely waiting for a friend (who arrived at the same time as the police). There are always lessons to learn from incidents like this; here are five teachable moments:

1. The front line matters . Starbucks was reminded of this the hard way. Their front line employees did not receive unconscious bias training; a manager made a critical mistake, and their bottom line was likely affected to the tune of at least $8 million . How does your organization show your front line that they are valuable? Read the rest of the article...
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