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99% Of Social Media Policies Do Not Comply With

New Federal Standards

Unknowingly, governments are firing or disciplining employees based on defective social media policies drafted by national associations, policy services, and other public agencies. When tested in court, these policies are ruled as unconstitutionally vague, especially regarding policy language on personal use of social media.

New Customized Policy Program Developed By Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorney Specialist Mark Fiedelholtz 

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Eye-Opening Results Of Over 150 Social Media Policies

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The day of reckoning comes in court, when plaintiff attorneys put your social media policy under a legal microscope and find hidden policy gaps. These gaps cost governments a loss of public trust, bad employee morale and big legal fees.

The Achilles heel of social media policies is your section on employee personal use of social media. To avoid policy invalidation in court, you must have an experienced social media law specialist like me draft precise First Amendment policy language.

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7 Biggest Mistakes

Checklist Before You

Fire Or Discipline

An Employee

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

 Is Placing Blind Trust On Boilerplate

Social Media Policies From

Associations And Policy Services

  • Most model policies are not written by 30 year digital media attorney specialists like me. They use defective boilerplate policy language.

  • Model policies only set minimum standards, overlook key liability issues, and use unconstitutionally vague policy language, especially on First Amendment issues.
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Mark, your program was great. Being aware of the hidden liabilities in social media policies not discussed in other courses saves you big legal fees and your public image."

- Cindy Reid, Attorney, Town Of Davidson, NC

"Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your

Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us.

Your assistance in this entire process is greatly appreciated."


- Pat Cabrera, Office of the City Clerk, Las Vegas, NV

The Difference Between A Social Media Law Specialist And Generalist

Customized Policies

  • Personal Use Of Social Media Policy

  • Citizens Social Media Policy (New)

  • Social Media Public Record Policy

  • Social Media Cloud Policy

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