June 2019
News from NC Cooperative Extension, Currituck
Summer is Heating Up

Summer at NC Cooperative Extension in Currituck County is always an exciting time. Kids are out of school; summer gardens are producing; and area crops are being planted and harvested.

This edition of our monthly enews contains instructional videos to help you make the most of the season. Our Family and Consumer Sciences department shares a simple roasted parmesan zucchini recipe. The 4-H & Youth Development department has put together presentation tips valuable for anyone that may find themselves faced with the task of developing a presentation. Finally, our Agriculture department has shared an instructional video for making a bin to compost kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and check out our website for more educational publications and information on upcoming events and activities. Happy Summer!

Roasted Parmesan Zucchini
Check out this quick step by step video on making delicious roasted parmesan zucchini. This video is part of our "Healthy" video series. To see more of these, check out the series page on our website.
How to Deliver a Presentation
One of the most important skills a young person can learn to prepare them for the future is the art of public speaking. The Currituck 4-H Program trains 4-H members how to develop and deliver educational speeches and illustrated talks.
How to Make a Vermicomposting Bin

Vermicomposting or Vermiculture is a method composting where worms convert food scraps into two of the best soil amendments on earth: worm castings, a fancy way to say worm poop, and worm tea, a liquid fertilizer derived from either casting and/or the leachate collected from a worm bin.

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