In need of replacement Screws for your Extruder?
Zimmer America Recycling Solutions partners with
Dextec to bring you the replacement screws you need!
Dextec is a German company with the mission of providing the best extruder maintenance possible  by combining innovative power, economic efficiency, and reliability.  Dextec provides single screws and barrels for pipe or profile extrusion. Dextec also provides twin screws and barrels with parallel and conical design for  pipe, profile, or granulation extrusion.
Single Screws 
Dextec single screws and barrels are made of nitrated steel.They are manufactured in the range of 20 mm to 150 mm diameter and the counter rotating twin screws of a 40 mm to 140 mm (1.5 to 5 in.) diameter.
Twin Screws
Dextec twin screws and barrels are compatible to almost all counter rotating twin screw extruders. There are parallel and conical screws and barrels with a 35 mm to 150 mm (1.3 to 6 in.) diameter available.

Barrel Technology
The barrel has a temperature control made with well-engineered, air cool special ceramic heating elements. This allows for energy saving and it suits climatically hot conditions.

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