What Is a Vacuum Tune-Up?
How Often Is It Needed?
A vacuum cleaner is not like other small appliances or electronic devices in your home.  You are not supposed to just run your vacuum until it dies.  Dirt, grit, grime, dust, germs, hair and more are drawn into your vacuum and make their way into every nook and cranny of the vacuum cleaner  including the motor.

So, why do you need a professional tune-up?
  • All vacuum manufacturers recommend regular, preventative maintenance and service every 12-24 months to maintain peak performance and life expectancy.
  • Properly maintained vacuum cleaners last 5 Times Longer than those that are not properly maintained.
  • Belts stretch and need replaced at least every year or two. Some manufacturers recommend belt replacement every 6 months.
  • Filters need replaced every 6-24 months per the manufacturers recommendations. 
  • The rotating brush bristles wear out and cords get run over and need replaced. Seals, light bulbs, cord clips, handle release pedals and other worn items also need replaced. 
At Bank's Oreck, we perform the industry's most complete full service vacuum cleaner cleaning and detailing process. Here's what we do:
  • We are the only company that completely disassembles the vacuum and soaks and washes the entire unit in a hot water bath. When removed, thoroughly rinsed and power dried, your vacuum is now in like new, Squeaky Clean condition.
  • Needed parts are then replaced per your approval. We return all worn and replaced parts to our customers on request.
  • We check all components including seals, gaskets, bearings, fans, switches, cords, motor, carbon brushes, bags, belts, filters, bulbs and more. 
  • We provide Free Estimates and proceed only with your advance approval on all repairs.
  • We can also provide our basic service without the hot water bath and thorough cleaning or our famous "Quick-Fix" $19.95 Service while you wait.
Bring your vacuum to either of our locations (Spring Valley or Henderson) for a FREE estimate today.  

We repair out of state vacuums too! You pay for shipping-we send it back Squeaky Clean! Call Paul at 888.867.0176 to learn more!

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