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Build A Pulse Generator
Building a Pulse Generator

If you work with digital and logic circuits (and we all do), you will find this instrument handy for design, troubleshooting, and calibration. Although I own a somewhat expensive commercial function generator, I find that this DYI pulse generator is the one I reach for most of the time.

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Floating Point Multiplication and Division 
Floating Point Multiplication and Division  

To use the digital filters necessary for my color organ project, I needed to be able to multiply floating point numbers on a microcontroller that doesn't even know how to multiply integers...

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Single & Dual Ethernet Core Module
Netburner MOD5441X

MOD5441X Just $79

Add Ethernet connectivity to an existing project or product, OR use it as your core processor. The NetBurner Ethernet Core Module is a device containing everything you need to solve the problem of network-enabling devices with 10/100 Ethernet, including those requiring digital, analog and serial control. 
Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 37
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

Our last episode looked at buffering data. This time, we'll use those buffers for serial communications while learning about the AVR USART. 

Security Electronics Systems And Circuits
Security Electronics Systems And Circuits - Part 8
Reactive Circuits

Reactive circuits have many practical applications in the home and in commerce and industry. An input derived from the output of a transducer can monitor a parameter such as motor speed, liquid flow rate or pressure, or rate of linear movement, etc.

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