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10:30am - Worship  (Sanctuary)
10:45amChildren's Chapel  (Sanctuary - Children's Chapel)
11:30am - Coffee Hour (Gathering Room)
11:45am - Answering the Big Questions (Common Room) 
11:45am - UU Games (Outside or Sanctuary)
October 20, starting at 5pm
Gather Together
Great provisions, music, and people will all convene at Gather in downtown Yarmouth to enjoy chatting, laughing, singing, drinking, and eating. 
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October 23, 10:30am
Our Transylvanian Connection
Our senior youth, fresh off their trip to Gyepes, Romania, will share with us some of their experiences from their travels. On this Sunday you can also sign up to sponsor the education of our Transylvanian partners. 
December 3 
Evergreen Holiday Fair
Our annual holiday tradition is back with crafts and baked goods being sold along with workshops being held. Join in the festivities!

Wednesdays, 5-7pm
English Conversation Circles
Meet some of the newest residents in our state, refugees and asylum-seekers, and engage in cross-cultural exchange while assisting these New Mainers in learning English. More information on a start date will be arriving soon. 
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This Sunday, October 9, walk with us on the pathway of service as members of our congregation share the deep spiritual experiences they've had while assisting others. 
Adult RE Sessions have begun - we are on our way in our communal search for truth and meaning! This year, there are two Adult RE opportunities offered most Sundays: Adult Conversation Circles at 9:30am and Answering the Big Questions at 10:30am. 

Here are your next Adult RE opportunities:
October 9, 9:30am
Turning Point
The first of a monthly discussion series on the present and future of Unitarian Universalism, beginning with the topic: Meet the Love People.
October 9 & 16, 11:45am
Answering the Big Questions
Our parent and caregiver discussion group continues, exploring sexuality and behavior. UU Games for children happens at the same time. 
Spiritual comfort and longing. 
Challenge and opportunity. 
Seeking and finding. 
Community and individuality. 
Perhaps you felt it while sitting in a pew during a worship service, as someone voiced similar doubts or ideas in a discussion group, as you sung the children out to class. 
If First Universalist is where you find connection, where you make meaning of the world, where you are revitalized, where you find strength, talk to us about becoming a member
CFW's newest (currently unnamed) wildlife ambassador: 
a Northern saw whet owl
Meet some of the newest Mainers, refugees and asylum-seekers, by participating in our English Conversation Circles or the Compassionate Housing Initiative
Want to get a peek at the friendly faces of First Universalist's minister, staff, and Board? Check out our newly updated photos and bios!
Yes, the office now has office hours again! Mondays, 9am - 4pm, and Thursdays, 10am - 5pm, Gail Mills, administrative assistant, is on hand to answer emails, phone calls, and drop-ins. Looking for Rev. Jennifer Emrich, minister, Jonathan Corey, music director, or Gwen Matthews, program assistant? Contact us to schedule an appointment. 
Please remember if your group, committee, or council would like to use one of the space at church to contact Gail at  in order to book the room. Thank you!
If you are experiencing a crisis, including needing a hospital visit, you may call Rev. Jennifer on her cellphone: 207.356.1467 any time. Please note that Friday and Saturdays are typically her days off - Rev. Jennifer does not check email on these days, but will answer any crisis or emergency calls.

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