Relaxed Shoulders in 9 Positions
Brigitte Longueville Backmitra
By Brigitte Longueville.

More and more we are experiencing our lives in our minds, as if our body trails many miles behind. Our respiration is not able to connect the heart to the spinal column, where the nervous system is located. Lying on a  BackMitra creates a passive restorative posture that helps us to bring back inner peace, to exhale, and to get rid of unnecessary contraction in our physical, mental and emotional body. But it also works therapeutically: the structure of the spinal column changes, joints get more space, pinched nerves are released and due to the pressure of the BackMitra the density of the vertebrae changes. Again and again a blissful feeling overwhelms us!

"Gravity and breathing are the open doors 
to the present"

The following series of exercises helps us to create relaxed and stable
shoulders. Anatomically the structure of our shoulders is as follows: the collar bones, the shoulder joint and the shoulder blades. These three segments need to communicate with each other in all postures.
Utkatasana Brigitte Longueville

1. Start from Utkatasana(the chair pose) with the arms forward. On an exhalation the arms are slowly stretched forward. Relax the joints of wrists, elbows and the shoulders, not hing feels hard or forced. While breathing, focus on the shoulder blades and feel a soft contraction on the base of the shoulder blades with each exhalation.

2. The second position is  Utkatasana with 
both arms stretched all the way to the sides of the ears (as far as the shoulders permit)...

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The retreat begins in the morning and includes Meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques). Following breakfast, the yoga continues with deep relaxation into alignment followed by the practice of Asanas.

The afternoon is yours.

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Back to yoga class the next morning, each class builds upon the next, in a slow and consistent progression that allows you to succeed. The postures are explained with attention to each student, and every level. In this manner, everyone in every class increases their understanding and skill level.

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