April 2017
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Stay tuned to this newsletter for an exciting announcement! We will be rolling out a new product - the Juice Plus+ Omega Blend - in the next few months. This will be a plant-based product, in keeping with our product philosophy of offering high quality whole food products. More information will be in future newsletters!
Just in case you missed it...

Last month's newsletter had information about our Healthy Living Revolution. Springtime is the perfect time to freshen up your meals, so why not try a few recipes from our new Healthy Living Revolution cookbook?

Please let me know if you want more information about either our Healthy Living Revolution or the Shred 10 programs. 
Permission Granted  Not To Be Perfect!

When you shop for groceries, do you carry a copy of the  EWG's   " Dirty Dozen ," list with you? It's a list of the 12 vegetables and fruits with the most pesticides, and some people only buy organic versions of the items on the list.  A study found that specifically naming the "Dirty Dozen" resulted in shoppers being less likely to buy any vegetables and fruit

The bottom line remains: The best thing you can do is consume lots of vegetables and fruit for their health benefits, whether you choose to buy organic or not.
Quick [Veggie] Spa Tip

Did you know that cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in treating puffy eyes?

Why? B ecause the skin around your eyes is thinner than most other areas of your body. This makes this area vulnerable to damage. Whether it's from swelling or stretching, the skin around your eyes will develop fine lines and wrinkles over time. That's where cucumbers come in. Consisting mostly of water, a cold cucumber from the fridge can work wonders for that thin skin. Placing cucumber on the eyes for 15 minutes hydrates the skin and the cold temps reduce blood flow in the area. As a result, it reduces the puffiness around your eyes. Try it today!
Hurray for Teachers & Tower Gardens!

From Elementary school thru Higher Education, the Tower Garden is helping to provide good fuel our children's health!

TG at elementary
Each May, the students in Jessica Pittman's first-grade class at Bowling Green Elementary School have a salad party. 
(Spoiler alert: she was named Agricultural Teacher of the Year!)
Auburn TG
It's no wonder Tiger Nutrition is a priority at Auburn University, their Tiger athletes are always on top of their game!

Do you know a teacher that wants to teach their class about nutrition, science and a host of other topics by using the Tower Garden?
Egg-cellent recipe!

Just in time for decorating those Easter eggs! Have you tried this version of 'hard-boiling' your eggs? No more water boiling over... try it, you'll never go back to the old way.
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Rachel Smartt
Rachel Smartt, Naturopathic Doctor
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Whether it's with food choices or anything else in life, 
instead of pushing yourself to an impossible "perfect," and therefore getting nowhere, accept "good."