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Brought to you this time by Scannable! What could you do with a high quality scanning LiDAR sensor?    

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A fundamental application of electronics is transformation - from power supplies that transform AC to DC to microprocessors that transform binary code to text, graphics, and sound. While transformations at many levels may be critical to the function of a device or application, it's the high-level sensory transformations that hold the greatest potential to change the world.

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The Flying Marbellos
The Flying Marbellos

Click!... Whirrr... Hummm... Bang! These are the sounds of "The Flying Marbellos" - a rolling ball sculpture with marbles and small metal "bugs" to run the Stamp controlled show.

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Psychedelia II
Psychedelia II 

This color organ has both hardware and software (firmware) components. What's different about this design is that all of the frequency selectivity is provided by digital filters in the digital domain and the output devices are now low voltage super bright LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs.
Scannable High Quality LiDAR
High quality LiDAR, at a price you can afford

Sweep is a new scanning LiDAR sensor built from the ground up for consumer applications.  Imagine what you could do with accurate, long range depth information in your next project.  Find out more about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and sign up for our newsletter at

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Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 36
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

The novice-friendly serial library was built on top of two other not so novice-friendly libraries: one for storing the data ( ring buffer) and another for sending and receiving the data (USART). This episode will look at ring buffers and at another software engineering tool - the AVRStudio Simulator - that we'll use to test the ring buffer functions. Then next time, we'll look at the AVR USART.

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Security Electronics Systems And Circuits
Security Electronics Systems And Circuits - Part 7
Practical Build-It-Yourself Anti-Burglary Circuits

Take a look at the three basic categories of wireless burglar alarms, some basic types of intrusion sensors, and a variety of practical hard-wired build-it-yourself anti-burglary circuits.  

Beginner_s Guide To Reading Schematics
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics 
3rd Edition  

We love books that have little Tips and Tricks blurbs throughout. Usually they're filled with wisdom that's only learned at the school of hard knocks. This one's loaded with 'em, so it ranks high on our easy to read list. Totally suitable for beginners and the somewhat experienced.

Navigate the roadmaps of simple electronic circuits and complex systems with help from an experienced engineer.
  • Schematic, block, and pictorial diagrams
  • Resistors and capacitors
  • Inductors and transformers
  • Switches, conductors, and cables
  • Diodes, transistors, and logic gates
  • Electron tubes
  • Cells and batteries
  • Voltage dividers and reducers
  • Breadboards and wire wrapping
  • Electronics troubleshooting
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