November 2017

The Benefit of Original Graphics

When selecting images to accompany your marketing message, the easy solution is to flip through stock images and find one that resonates with the brand. 

However, easy, isn't always the best.

Have you ever paged through a magazine or driven past a billboard and recognized the face in the photo? It isn't because you know the model but rather because they are used in a variety of images easily purchased online; images that anyone can use in connection with their marketing message. 

Stock images may be easy, but do you really want your business to be lumped in with the rest in your industry?

Originally speaks to your business, not just your marketing images. If your company is to succeed in this tech savvy, face-paced, "what have you done for me lately" world, then it must stand out. 

Successful businesses must be original in:
  • Their products
  • Their services
  • The customer experience
  • The ease and functionality of your online presence
  • The marketing message
That last component requires original images be used in your marketing, both online and in print. 

From the marketing article
"Your brand should reflect your uniqueness:"

"From a marketing standpoint, nothing better-protects and promotes your brand than original photography and video. Prospects respond better to authenticity because even the highest quality stock photos will be a substitute representation of your culture, people, products or services."

Authenticity and transparency are two business buzzwords that seem to be rising to the top of importance for consumers. That being the case, using original images, including photos of your products, your employees and your place of business, help consumers connect.

When the marketing message is combined with original images that show people using your products and employees designing and creating your products, consumers will feel a closer connec tion to your company. People do business with those they like and trust and using original images will help build that trust.

Consider inviting your employees to use their Smart Phone cameras to capture moments at work that truly show your company's uniqueness. These candid photos are a great addition to your online marketing efforts and in some cases, may translate well to your graphic materials.
The only caution? Make sure the images used for large format digital printing like custom banners,   custom fabric graphics, and wall graphics are the correct resolution to ensure the highest quality finished products. 

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