When Would NOW Be A Good Time To Make The Leap?
INLPTA & ABNLP Accredited 
NLP Master Practitioner Training Programme
with Master Trainer Jessica Reed-Robbins 
& NLP Trainer Nick Reed-Robbins
Consider what you could manifest  
during 15 days focused attention, with constant support and encouragement, whilst mastering even more powerful techniques to transform the way you think, feel and behave!

Course Dates 2020:  
(Optional) Recap Prac Skills:  
Thurs 23rd and Fri 24th April 2020       
2 days 
Module 1:  
Sat 25th to Mon 27th April 2020          
3 days 
 Module 2 part 1:   
Friday 15th to Mon 18th May 2020      
4 days 
Module 2 part 2:   
Sat 30th and Sun 31st May 2020  
2 days 
Hypnosis Certification:    
Friday 19th June 2020                              
1 day 
Module 3:   
Sat 20th to Mon 22nd June 2020    3 days 
Longwick. Bucks. HP27.  
  9:30am to 6pm 
See bottom of email    
The master practitioner programme is an incredible, life-changing 15-day experience that is d esigned to take your NLP and coaching skills to a level of mastery as well as help shape your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to help you effortlessly create and shape your own destiny.   
The master practitioner course is a deep and powerful experience! You will spend 15 days mastering the forces that help you to be, do and have anything you want in life, whilst working towards your own personal goals and dreams. The class setting is informal, fun and often truly inspirational.

The Master Practitioner training is primarily for people who are ready to take control of their lives and take a huge leap forwards in their life, career and personal goals. It's not just for people who want to become professional NLP breakthrough coaches or trainers, though the course is certainly designed to help make this happen for you.

Join the ranks of our graduates, who have achieved their dreams during and after completing the Master Practitioner training.

This course has helped our students achieve their goals of becoming:
  • Published authors
  • Writers for magazines and national press
  • Successful business owners
  • Consultants
  • Property investors
  • Trainers and highly paid coaches.
This programme helped them achieve:  
  • Confidence to become a highly paid breakthrough coach
  • Huge financial successes
  • Promotions and their dream jobs
  • Attracted their dream partners
  • Released negative emotions
  • Changed life-long problem behaviours
  • Removed core limiting beliefs
  • Found their confidence and their voice
  • The life of their dreams.

If you're ready to make a giant leap towards your life's dreams, become a successful breakthrough coach and be free of your core challenges once and for all, then now is the right time for Mastery!
Course Schedule: 
NLP Refresher
Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th April 2020 
Deepen all your NLP skills, recap and gain more confidence in your techniques from the practitioner training.

Module 1: Quantum Linguistics   
Saturday 25th to Monday 27th April 2020 
This mind-blowing module, helps you to learn to use your brain and language in incredible new ways which will help you dissolve problems and create transformation during conversation. This module teaches you to think in an entirely new way giving you ultimate flexibility in getting results.  

Module 2: Breakthrough Coaching & Creating Your Destiny
NEW!! You can now do this module as a stand alone training in breakthrough coaching and creating your destiny! 
Part 1: Friday 15th to Monday 18th May 2020 
Become one of the most powerful transformational breakthrough coaches in the world, remove the obstacles stopping you from being the real you, discover the real you and what you want and programme your destiny into your unconscious mind. This module includes an introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Jessica's guide to using NLP to diagnose and resolve the emotional root causes of illness and disease.  
Part 2: Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st May 2020 
The second part of this module enables you to reprogramme your entire destiny so that you move towards where you want to be in life, automatically and with less effort.  

Bonus Certificate! Hypnosis Practitioner Certification   
Friday 19th June 2020
Gain your ABH Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification  -  9:30am to 7pm.  
Even if you're not on the Master Practitioner programme, you can attend this session for just £195, provided you've completed the NLP practitioner training previously. 
This is an optional day and you will still pass your master practitioner training without doing this bonus training.  
Module 3: Strategies & Modelling
Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd June 2020 
Learn how to un-wire and re-wire a problem behaviour, programme yourself and others with excellent unconscious strategies for life along with other advanced NLP techniques and personal breakthroughs. Graduate the programme with yet another transformational experience!

See the full course details & prices at the bottom of this email...  
" Every area of my life including my business has been taken to a whole new level"

I can't take that much time off work! 
& There are dates I can't do!

15 days sounds like a lot of time off work, right?   
We've structured the course so you could take as little as just
days off work!

  • You can refresh your practitioner skills at home, or with another student anytime.
  • The hypnosis practitioner day is optional, so if you don't do this day, it doesn't affect your master practitioner qualification.
  • We advise you to make every day of the training if at all possible, but you can always come back next year and repeat or refresh anything you like.
  • You can also just do module 2 as a stand alone programme and add the other modules in next time.
If you need to miss any other day, please let me know and I can advise you on the best way forward.  
I can't afford it!

You can apply for a 12-month interest-free payment plan.  
Deposit of £250 now followed by 11 monthly installments of £200.

Your certificate is awarded once the balance is paid, but you get to use all the tools and enjoy the life-changing experience now! So why wait?!! All payment plans need to be agreed on a case-by-case basis. NLP must be affordable, but it should also pay for itself.   
You could also choose to do one module per year.   
Can you afford it?  
Also, let's just check in whether you definitely don't have any money or whether you don't have the money for this. Sometimes, if you're just flat broke, then you know what? I would be the first to tell you not to spend any more money! But I would probably encourage you to use those hard earned and amazing practitioner skills to manifest some dosh asap, obviously!!  
But, if you think it's more about justifying spending the money on yourself, developing your skills and gaining a qualification... then that's a different story. Can you afford NOT to do it? 
I would ask you to consider what you've easily spent money on in the past that hasn't changed your life at all? Perhaps holidays where you had a great time, but still returned to the same problems you left at the airport. Then I would ask you whether you want something to change or improve in your life and what other ways you have of making those changes happen without help and support? If you have a plan, great!!! If you don't have a plan and want some help, then talk to me and we'll figure out a plan for you.  
" This course was like being taught how to fish so I can feed my soul and mind for the rest of my life.  It is gift for yourself, because it allows you the freedom to think for yourself and enables you to think outside the box"

I'm not sure I'm ready to go to the next level!
I haven't used my skills for years!

Every year, most students are concerned about their skill level, so we added the 2-day recap right before the start of the programme.  
However, even if you can't attend the recap, by being part of the master practitioner programme, you have ample opportunity to practise and revise your practitioner skills every day. We're here to help you fully integrate your practitioner skills by the end of the training.

I've just qualified. Is it too early to do Master Practitioner?

I used to think that students needed time for their NLP techniques to integrate before they did Master Practitioner and then I watched a few determined students go straight through within the space of a few weeks and had the most amazing experiences. I then realised that the next level of training actually helped students integrate their NLP techniques and concepts deeper and more completely. So now I recommend Master Practitioner as THE way to integrate your skills as rapidly as possible.
The only absolute demand the master practitioner makes from you is your desire for change, your willingness to embrace the NLP presuppositions and participate fully.
"I went on an amazing journey on the master practitioner course. The value work we did was life changing; I understood what drove me and learned how to change my values to reach my outcomes, so nothing feels impossible.  After the course, I felt liberated from the past challenges."
I don't want to be a professional coach though...
I'm not a coach. How would it benefit me?

Many people go through the programme just to have the life-changing experiences and to enjoy the results of the techniques in their own lives.
If you want to become a professional coach, this would certainly give you the skills and the confidence, but about 40-50% of our students do it just for themselves.

As well as helping you make your personal breakthroughs, including where you want to get to in your career or your own business, the tools and concepts can be used at work and in whatever you're doing.

One of the reasons I'm so proud of our Master Practitioner Training is because I have attended some of the worlds most famous personal development programmes and haven't found anything that is remotely as powerful as our training, in terms of the content covered, the duty of care we have for you, the subconscious, real transformation that occurs AND the skills you walk away with at the end.  If i had found something as powerful, I'd be integrating that into the training... so rest assured, this programme can make you one of the most powerful coaches in the world!  

PLUS we invite you to return and repeat the training for FREE as many times as you like, provided we have the space for your obviously! In the personal development industry, this is as rare as rocking horse sh*t! But we believe strongly that you should be able to come back and keep benefiting to your hearts content! 
So if you're looking for a personal development programme, I can promise you that the Master Practitioner Training will be better value for money and more effective than anything else out there!

As well as personal change, you'll also love the new skills you have to influence and inspire people, to understand what motivates someone in their core, to sell to someone's unique buying strategy and to model excellence in others to enhance your own and others skills.

Many famous successful people are secretly qualified as Masters of NLP and doing very well for themselves!

'It was amazing. Jess was awesome as usual but the content really took NLP to the next level -mind blowing and life changing. I use it all the time now - not sure what I did before in fact! The group was lovely and the support of such a great people made the course one of the best I have even been on. Highly recommend it.'
I'm Not Sure! It's So Expensive!

Satisfaction Or Your Money Back!  
I am so confident that you will love the programme and that you will know it's worth the money, that I offer a satisfaction policy to make it a safe decision for you.

So, if you start the programme but decide it's not for you during the first module, then you can walk away with a full refund. Just turn in your materials and that's it! 

I'm very careful with my money so I respect that you are savvy with yours too! My motto is that it's ok to stretch your budget in order to pay for something you want, but it should never affect your ability to pay your bills.

So, provided the first criteria is met, I never question spending money on things that:
  • Are guaranteed to help me achieve my life goals or solve a problem that affects my life
  • Make me more money (this is a no brainer)
  • Enrich who I am
  • Create amazing memories that last a lifetime
  • And can't be achieved without spending the money
So every time I think i want to do a training course, I check through my criteria and only if all are met, do I part with my money.

So does the master practitioner satisfy these criteria for you?

1. Will it help you achieve your life goals?
The intention of the course is to make a huge leap forwards in your life, whatever that looks like for you.

2. Will it help you make more money?
Many of our students get a promotion, a raise, new job or an increase in their finances as a result of doing the course. Even if you don't want to be a professional coach, you would still be able to charge an absolute minimum of £150 for a 90 minute coaching session after the course. My advice is to practice your skills and charge for coaching until you have earned as much as you've spent on the training... then decide whether to do it professionally full time or not. My other piece of advice is to set a goal during the training to increase your financial abundance.

3. Will it enrich who you are?
Obviously you're already wonderful... so only you know how much more wonderful you want to be. You will learn so much about yourself on the course and learn the tools to breakthrough the challenges that have held you back all your life. Not only will the course enrich who you are, but give you the tools to keep doing this for a life time! I wouldn't ever want to be without NLP and the tools I use every day to discover more about myself, find more inner peace and happiness and keep improving myself.

4. Create amazing memories that last a lifetime
The master practitioner is a unique and unforgettable course. Often the friendships we form on the course are like no others you have in your life. Our students create so many great memories on the master practitioner course, and that's one of the reasons it's my favourite course. There are tears, uncontrollable giggles and a lot of love and warmth shared over the 3 months!

5. Can you achieve this without spending money?
If there's a course I want to go on, I will only spend the money if there isn't a book that could teach me the same content or if the qualification will help me earn more money. Well, you can definitely read books that cover the master practitioner content, but to experience the transformation, the tools need to be experienced in person so you can fully integrate the changes. The skills need to be practiced, the continuous coaching you receive creates multiple breakthroughs and these experiences are totally priceless.  Plus you have access to two experienced NLP Masters for about 160 hours of face time, who can answer questions and help guide you along the way.

You will definitely get out of the master practitioner, whatever you put into it. The course is set up to give you everything you want from it.
If you are ready for change, then change will find you. If you're ready to show up, step up and do the work, the sky is the limit to the benefits you'll receive.  
" Working with Jess is amazing, because she always creates an environment that feels so supportive yet challenging. I had complete trust in Jess and I know I am safe hands.
Thank you

Module 1:    25th to 27th April 2020
Quantum Linguistics

Using language to blow the boundaries on problems, expand possibilities and transform someone's thinking patterns.
In this first module, you'll be exploring the power of quantum linguistics and the elegant power to transform a client's model of the world, using linguistic patterns alone.

You can use these patterns on their own, or use them to loosen a problem so that subsequent interventions have a deeper impact. You will understand how language can blow the boundaries on what we are capable of thinking, and directly change your clients internal representations that create a problem.

You will start to think in terms of generative change rather than remedial change so that your clients are not broken and need fixing, but capable of transforming their challenges into their more valuable learnings.

By the end of this module, you'll be able to remove limiting decisions linguistically, change limiting beliefs using sleight of mouth patterns and have a much deeper understanding of all of the NLP patterns, techniques and concepts.
" The MasterPrac was the best investment in myself since doing the practitioner course :) There is no better way to gain confidence in your skills than seeing them work in practice, in a group of supportive and sincere people. After one intervention I found myself wholeheartedly believing in my inevitable success!
- an incredible transformation"
Module 2:  15th to 18th May  & 30th & 31st May 2020
Breakthrough Module: Values, Meta-Programs & Primary Questions.

Re-shaping your destiny by changing the deep unconscious programs that dictate our decisions and outcomes. 
We call this the breakthrough module... for a really good reason...

You will learn how to elicit and change the underlying structures that make us do everything we do in life, the values that dictate our decisions and choices and even the rules that tell us when we are allowed to be happy.

You will have the opportunity to reshape your own destiny by changing your life values and corresponding rules that will support you on your chosen future path and programming them in at an unconscious level.

In addition, one of the most powerful elements of NLP is discovering your primary question, the unconscious question we have been asking all of our lives, in every situation that often dictates the entire story of our lives. It often explains some of our core challenges in life and allows us to address them.

You will elicit your primary question and if necessary, change it into an empowering one, so that the unconscious primary question in your life is one of how to create more happiness and joy, rather than "How do I survive?" or "Why am I not enough?" You could change it to "How much can I enjoy this situation?"

You will learn how to do a complete breakthrough session with a client from start to finish. Take a complete personal history, diagnose and overcome the causes of the challenges they face and help them design their destiny.

You will also learn how to do a parts integration linguistically and to elicit meta-programmes; the strategies that filter our experience and subsequently dictate our behaviours in life. For example, does the carrot or the stick motivate you the most?

You will also gain an understanding of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, based on the psychological types defined by Carl Jung and how they relate to NLP.

You will also have an understanding of spiral dynamics and the Claire Graves values levels, which explains the development issues people have and the resulting behaviours you are likely to see in your coaching practice.  There are also applications you can apply in your consulting or training businesses.

PLUS so much more!!!

By the end of this module, you will already feel like an experienced breakthrough coach and have made incredible shifts in your own life.  
" Whether you're planning to become a coach, improve your communication skills or challenge the issues standing in the way of your dreams, this is the course for you!" 
Hypnosis Practitioner Certification:    Friday 19th June 2020
Hypnosis Practitioner Certification 
We will start with a day of hypnosis, learning how to put yourself and others into a deeply relaxed state, allowing you to access the unconscious mind more effectively. You already have the therapeutic NLP techniques, so this day is just about the process of using the naturally occurring trance state of hypnosis to super charge your clients results.  
Module 3:    Sat 20th to Mon 22nd June 2020
Mastering Behaviour: Human Strategies & Modelling

Mastering the process of eliciting, designing and installing effective strategies to create new empowering behaviours.   
During this final module, you will be learning how to elicit, design and install new behavioural strategies to help you and others create excellent results.   
Strategies are the sequence of internal representations that create all our skills, behaviours and habits. You'll learn how to elicit a client's strategy for a problem they have, loosen the pattern or blow out the boundaries of the problem entirely and then design and install a new empowering strategy for them using techniques such as the swish pattern and chaining anchors.
We will also be learning about modeling, the science of replicating genius, originally used by Bandler, Grinder et al, to create the techniques of NLP. We will be looking at the different types of modeling along with the pros and cons of using each type. You will have the opportunity to create your own modeling project where you will choose an expert of your choice, model their ability, recreate it in yourself and then teach it to others. Consider how useful it would be to find someone who does something effortlessly, that you'd love to be able to do and download their ability and get their results for yourself, or create a training programme to help anyone duplicate their results. 

For example, any "How to" book often contains the author's notion of how they THINK something is done, but its rarely the full picture and only contains part of WHAT you would need to DO to replicate their results, but not HOW to do it. You also need to elicit information about physiology, what's important and what to believe.  So if you've always wanted a better strategy for selling, making decisions, buying things, choosing partners, running a business, remembering names, motivating yourself, being organised, winning races etc. you can now model an effective strategy and install it in yourself and others.   
" NLP change my life and MasterPrac  gave me the skills I use all the time. Nothing is more elegant or simple"  
Additional Content
Hypnotherapy Certification   
On Friday 19th June 2020 you will have the opportunity to achieve your hypnotherapy training and American Board of Hypnotherapy accredited practitioner certification. You will be practicing putting your client in trance and learn a number of hypnotic techniques for working therapeutically with clients professionally.

An Introduction to Mind-Body Medicine & EFT  
In the 2nd module, I will also introduce you to two extra-ordinary helpful additions to your NLP toolkit that may help you to decide to develop your skills in this area. I have been investigating the mind-body connection for over 14 years. I have put together a guide to help you diagnose the possible emotional root-causes of illness and disease so that you can alleviate, manage or even overcome health challenges using NLP interventions and therapy.

Emotional Freedrom Technique (EFT) is a remarkable tool that works with the body to release negative emotions. It is similar in it's results, to Time Line and Collapsing Anchors but is a simple and rapid solution for clients to use on their own between sessions. In module 2, I will give you a demonstration and first hand experience of how tapping using EFT can quickly and rapidly shift and resolve negative emotions.
Prices For 2020

The full 15 day programme is still only £2450
12 month interest free payment plan: £250 deposit plus 11 x £200 subject to application and approval. Do the training now and pay as you practice.

Module 1 only: £675
Module 2 only: £1100
Module 3 only: £675
Hypnotherapy Certification standalone: £195 (included in full programme fee).

Repeat fees: ZERO, nada, zilch, nothing, free!

Remember, you also get £250 off for every person you have referred to us, who has paid for our practitioner training. So get referring NOW!!
Enjoy The Journey!
Call us. Email us. Text us.   

Just give us a call or text us on
07887 614499 if you need help making a decision or need to ask any questions at all.

We hope to see you soon!

Jess, Nick & Rocky x

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