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December 2015 - June 2016
President's Circle
The Gochman Family
The Hamel Family
Jennifer and Roger Smith

Heidi Molea in honor of Charlie Moorcroft and Geoff Teall
Sandra & Hal Epstein

GGE Foundation
Wendy Janesky
Yvetta Rechler-Newman
Armins Rusis in honor of Cynthia Rusis

Katherine Bellisimo
Doug Boyd
Andrea Brackett
Hope Glynn & Kimberly Brunson
Cynthia Rusis in honor of Lily Rusis
Louise Serio in honor of Mary Warner

JT Tallon Memorial Equitation Grant Supporters
Barbara & Robert Bays
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McKee Family Foundation
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USHJA Foundation Board of Directors

Jennifer Burger

William Craig Dobbs
Chairman & Treasurer

Cheryl Rubenstein


James Anderson
Lynn Jayne
Marnye Langer
Charles Moorcroft
William Moroney
Yvetta Rechler-Newman
Louise Serio
Jennifer Smith
Geoff Teall
Caroline Weeden
Hamel Family Establishes $25,000 Scholarship Through USHJA Foundation

Sydney, Jake, Kristen, Jim and Nick Hamel. Photo courtesy of the Hamel Family
The  Hamel Family has established the  USHJA Foundation Hamel Scholarship for Further Education , which will award up to $25,000 to one USHJA member each year to be used for college, graduate, trade or professional school. The first scholarship will be awarded in 2017.
"We are thrilled to be able to offer a national scholarship like this to USHJA members, all thanks to the Hamel Family's generosity" said Jennifer Burger, president of the  USHJA Foundation. "For the first time, members from across the United States will be eligible for scholarship funds that allow them to pursue advanced education."

Pony Finals Dreams Come True for Three Young Equestrians

The  USHJA Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to award  2016 USHJA Foundation Gochman Family US Pony Finals Grants to  Judy Dettore, Riley Hogan and Cecillia Machado. Each grant recipient will be given an opportunity to compete at the 2016 US Pony Finals.
"We had many impressive applicants this year, and we're very excited that with the support of the Gochman Family we were able to award this grant to three young equestrians," said Jennifer Burger, president of the USHJA Foundation. "We are excited to bring this special opportunity to such deserving riders and hope it inspires young equestrians everywhere to continue pursuing their passion."

Riley Hogan
Cecellia Machado
Judy Dettore_ Pony Finals Grant Recipient
Judy Dettore

Dreams Come True at the Historic Devon Horse Show Grounds

The show grounds known for being "Where Champions Meet" also became the show grounds where dreams come true this summer. The Brandywine Horse Shows held at the historic Devon Horse Show grounds hosted two USHJA Foundation Making a Dream Grant recipients:  Sophia Koolwick and Adam Edgar

Sophia Koolwick, Making a Dream Grant recipient in honor of David Q. Wright. Photo Credit: Wendy Janesky
The USHJA Foundation Making a Dream Grant offers unique opportunities in the hunter/jumper sport to USHJA members who face significant adversity, such as mental, physical or emotional challenges; resource limitations; or other challenges. Sophia and Adam became the two latest equestrians to have their dreams fulfilled through this program.

Sophia Koolwick
Sophia Koolwick has been riding since she was six years old, but she never had a chance to compete at a Premier horse show, until now.
As a single mother, Sophia's mother Annalisa Sokol worked hard to give Sophia opportunities, and Sophia worked hard for opportunities too. Through junior high and high school Sophia helped her trainer school horses as a way to supplement her lessons. She worked hard for every opportunity and even founded an equestrian team at her high school, which went on to win a District championship. 

The USHJA Foundation Board of Directors awarded Sophia the  Making a Dream Grant  in honor of David Q. Wright, and created the opportunity for her to show at a Premier hunter/jumper competition for the very first time.  

During the Brandywine Horse Show, she rode with Troy Hendricks of Kimber-View Stables and showed Steel City, loaned to Sophia for the experience by owner Elaine Hendricks. Sophia piloted the 9-year-old American Warmblood gelding to third place in the NAL Washington Adult Amateur Hunter Classic and earned fourth place in the Ariat Medal.
A special thank you to the donors who made Sophia's experience possible: Brandywine Horse Shows, Jennifer Burger, Charles Owen, Raine Clark, Troy Hendricks, Elaine Hendricks and Wendy Janesky.

Adam Edgar
CWD generously donated a CWD saddle to support Adam's experience. Photo Credit: Wendy Janesky
Adam Edgar always dreamed of going to the US National Junior Hunter Championship, and as a Making a Dream Grant recipient, he just completed his first Junior Hunter Championships.
Adam rode UpCountry Charmer, owned and donated for the experience by Jamie Stryker and UpCountry Farm. He and UpCountry Charmer just clicked after showing the weekend prior at Brandywine to prepare for the Championship.
The pair put in beautiful rounds during the Championship, and under the instruction of long-time trainer Bill Schaub, they finished in fifth place overall in the Large Junior Hunter 16-17 at the Championship. The experience wasn't just about competition though. Adam had the chance to meet and talk with Olympian Peter Wylde; he connected with new and old friends throughout the experience and was welcomed with open arms by his fellow competitors.
He described it as "an absolutely surreal experience."

Thank you all of the donors who helped make Adam's experience possible: Jennifer Burger, Cathrin Cammett Photography, Charles Owen, CWD, Wendy Janesky, Charlie Moorcroft, Bill Schaub, Molly Sewell Schott, and Jamie Stryker and UpCountry Farm.
Read more about Sophia and Adam's experiences in the September issue of USHJA In Stride magazine.

USHJA Foundation Horseman's Assistance Bridges Gap for Equestrians 

Through the USHJA Foundation Horseman's Assistance Fund, our donors are  currently providing emergency financial aid to two equestrians, one of whom has requested to remain anonymous. 

Paris "Smitty" Smith
Paris "Smitty" Smith has been in the industry for many years, as a USHJA Life member, farrier, former Licensed Official, trainer and all-around horseman. He survived cancer only to be met with a back injury this year that resulted in multiple surgeries, leaving him unable to return to the work he loves as a farrier. Another injury to his back could leave him paralyzed. 

While he's unable to work and beginning a new career path, the USHJA Foundation is helping him with daily living expenses. We look forward to helping him stay healthy and engaged with the sport as this new chapter begins.

To learn more about the USHJA Foundation Horseman's Assistance click here. To support fellow equestrians like Paris Smith, click here to donate.
The Foundation Forms a Youth Alliance

By Kirstie Dobbs and Hailey Johns

The virtuous horsemen and women who comprise the USHJA are truly inspirational. The USHJA constructs its meaning and goals as an organization behind a constant drive to improve the livelihoods of horses, riders, and other industry community members. One particular cornerstone of this vision is the USHJA Foundation's vision, which "embraces, supports, and protects the people and horses that give their hearts to this sport." In times of unfathomable strife and tragedy, the Foundation supports, aids and connects horse people of all kinds, in order to achieve a greater good. It provides opportunities and changes lives in a way that truly impacts the USHJA membership.  
The Foundation has touched the lives of horsemen such as the Bauman Family, who state "We are truly blessed with all the experiences we have had, and it's because of the Foundation... the Foundation provided us with not just financial support, but social, and emotional support as well." 

On November 22nd, 2014, the Bauman family's life was forever changed; their world literally went up in flames.

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