Alpha Imaging e-Newsletter September 2020

Shimadzu X-1
Shimadzu G4
Absolutely no one rivals the number of R/F options that we at Alpha Imaging can provide. Our three selections include conventional, remote and Tilt-C R/F systems that no other competitor can come close to offering. The Shimadzu X-1 and G4 are built on the same platform and offer unique features that result in improved outcomes, maximum patient/user safety and superior image quality. The Intelli-C Tilt-C R/F system offers similar features as the Shimadzu products but also expands flexibility into the special procedures arena.
The X-1 is the ideal choice for busy departments that need the flexibility of an elevating table in a conventional R/F system.
The G4 LX takes universal imaging to new heights with advanced applications such as tomosynthesis and SLOT Beam to increase your departments productivity.
The Intelli-C is the intelligent choice for those looking for a universal R/F system that includes lateral imaging capabilities and compound angulation for the ultimate in operational efficiencies. 
No matter your needs, Alpha Imaging has the R/F products to meet all your imaging requirements. Contact your Sales Consultant today for more information!
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