May Newsletter 2018
Photo courtesy of Ellie Pechet - Spring over Lake Junaluska, N.C . 2018

Hello Friend!

Do your emotions sometimes get in your way?
Do you find yourself still becoming reactive with certain people or situations in your life and wish you could remain neutral and pro-active with them?

We all have people and situations that trigger us...the question is what can we do about it?

On a personal note, one area of vulnerability for me has to do with animals who are being neglected or abused. I have always felt a deep connection with animals and consider assisting the ones who cross my path for help an important part of my calling.

One example of a situation that upset me happened last fall...I was on a stroll in my neighborhood and came upon a neighbor (who also happens to be a hunter). I saw him shooting puppies he was breeding from his deck with a pellet gun to get them to stop barking. In the moment, I put my emotions aside and approached him to ask if I could help him with the puppies. He said he was fine and didn't need any help. I realized he was under the influence of alcohol as he was shooting at them when they would bark in their 8x8 fenced enclosure, from his balcony about 20 feet away.

I left and needless to say, was upset and concerned by what I had just seen. I tried to get other neighbors and the local dog officer to engage, but noone seemed to want to get involved. I soon realized I needed to use my Pechet Healing Technique on myself to clear my upset and bring me to a place of neutrality so I could help the puppies in this situation.

I knew that if I stayed stuck in the emotions I felt about the situation, I could not be effective. So I cleared my upset and imprinted myself with neutrality. Then I was able to be effective and help the puppies who were being abused. Working on this situation from my house I found and removed several negative entities from the neighbor and his wife.

Next, as I continued to tune in to the neighbor, I became aware that he had been abusing animals since he was a boy. Next, I cleared that pattern in him so he would stop abusing the puppies and other animals. I imprinted him with being compassionate toward the puppies. Next, I worked on the puppies remotely and cleared their upset from being separated from their mother that week which is was why they were barking more than usual. I also cleared the trauma from being shot at by their keeper when they would bark. I have also worked with the mother who showed up so I could help her and her puppies. Animals are much more wise than we give them credit. (I will share more about my work with the mother in a future newsletter focusing on my work with animals.)

By clearing my emotional reaction to a situation that upset me, I was able to be effective and become part of the solution and that was my goal... to help.
In my work with clients, I help you become calm and neutral about the people, places and things that trigger you.

What situations throw you off? Is it the people in positions of tremendous power running our world? Worry about climate change or people who are being abused or neglected?

Does someone still trigger you and causes you to feel helpless, hopeless, ineffective or like a victim?
Is it your mother or sister? Perhaps it is your boss or co-worker.
Whoever or whatever it is that throws you off balance, using my Pechet Healing Technique, I can clear you in relation to those individuals or situations so you are no longer triggered by them. You will be able to stay calm and be effective.

Call me now or go to my website to sign up for a discount package and become neutral about the people and situations that throw you off course and disrupt your serenity. As I dissolve the individuals and situations that trigger you, you will become more empowered and able to stay balanced and able to ACT rather than re-act.

As you come from a place of increasing inner strength and clarity, you become a part of the solution...not only for yourself, but everyone in your life and society as a whole. Like the wonderful old song that goes
"What the world needs now is love sweet love..."

Clear your triggers and become more loving, clear and empowered. You can make a difference, feel good and be a part of the SOLUTION .

I can help you from any distance... call me now.

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" I cannot believe the relief I have after two sessions with you!! I think of you and I just get a big smile on my face!!"

Kim Minor, R.N., Nebraska
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"This book will help people understand the spiritual realms that surround our tiny patch of reality, and the unseen inhabitants of those realms who interact with us."
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The Pechet Healing Technique blends intuition, innovative counseling, and the energetic clearing of symptoms and issues at the cellular level. It energetically dissolves your stress, lingering trauma, and anxiety.

My mission is to entirely remove the blocks that prevent my clients from accessing their authentic self on a continual basis. As they release the self-imposed prison of issues from the past, they are able to intuitively handle situations that previously baffled them.

The Pechet Healing Technique offers you freedom, empowerment, and the ability to fulfill your divine purpose.

Every time I clear an issue you have been holding in your entire being...and it may not be something you think of every day, but you are still getting triggered by outside people, places and things that "set you off" or cause you to shut down...the more issues I clear for you for good, the lighter you feel, and the higher your vitality is.

What happens as a natural outcome of increasing your vitality and positive feelings? You feel better, you enjoy life more and best of all, you have more to give others - love, humor, assistance, support. You start to become more willing to go the extra mile because you have it to give. Now, more than ever, we are being called to show up.