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                                                      July 27, 2015

I'm pretty sure my clients love me
by Dona Stohler

Most small to mid-sized companies use on average three to five law firms. Larger companies use even more. So, each and every day you are being compared to your competitors. Knowing how you compare to them in terms of your service and client satisfaction is good to know. You can get this information in a variety of ways and use it to bring in even more business from the client. Chances are, just by taking the time to ask how you are doing will set you apart from your competition.

Client interviews
One way to get this feedback is through client interviews. The best way to get truly unbiased, no-holds-barred information from a client is to send in someone to interview the client other than the lawyer who works with the client or a managing partner from the firm. Using someone who is not involved in the relationship to do the interview will allow the client to be perfectly honest about the work and service being performed. It is much more comfortable for people to say what they think if they are not talking to the individual who is directly providing the service or ultimately responsible for the legal work and the relationship.

Getting this feedback can be uncomfortable for the lawyers and the law firm. It is like the dreaded performance review. A million things go through your mind about the good, the bad and the ugly that have occurred over the course of the relationship. But the great thing is once this dialogue is started, the ways you can not only improve with this client, but all clients will be identified. Generally, there will be a lot of positive feedback, which affirms that you are on the right track. Plus, clients love it. 



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Get out the umbrella
It's raining clients

The annual  RainDance Conference was held earlier this month in Chicago.  If you weren't there to participate in the dance and are feeling a little high and dry, the key themes this year may at least get your toes tapping.  Client teams continue to be seen as a good way to generate additional revenue from existing clients.  But choosing clients for the teams that align with the firm's strategic objectives is a critical success factor.  Another important thing to have on your dance card is regular interactions and planning meetings with clients.  Make them a part of your team and keep working on the relationship.

Jell-o and a hammer

Surviving the new normal

Trying to keep up with all the changes in the legal profession along with all the things your clients want, or think they want, can be like trying to nail Jell-o to the wall.  The key is to focus on the things your client really values, use technology to make things convenient for both of you, and delegate the things you don't need to do yourself to someone else.  Determine what you need to be doing now so that your practice continues to thrive in the future.  This requires knowing your client's expectations and limitations along with your own.

Hey coach.....
How do I make the A team?

Business Development training and individual attorney coaching can be a sizable investment for law firms. It's important for law firm leaders to articulate and clarify the benefits of training and coaching. There are two kinds of benefits to business development training: 1.The economic benefits which can be tracked and are often expressed as Return on Investment (ROI) and, 2. The cultural benefits which are more difficult to monitor and report but are nonetheless equally compelling benefits. Eric Dewey of Group Dewey Consulting has advice for building the case in your firm, the types of situations in which training and coaching can help and some interesting numbers about the profitability of collaboration. 

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