Building trust with digital inspection

You know we have some retail stores. I had my wife’s car in for a state inspection yesterday at our Lancaster location. The good news - it didn’t need anything to pass. But I did get a chance to experience the new digital inspection tool we’re using. The whole idea is to help you better communicate with your customers and show them what their car may need, instead of just telling them about it. A picture being worth a thousand words and all. My son was working down in Houston last year and took his F-150 into a shop for some suspension work. While there, they used an app to do a safety inspection of his truck. It was very thorough and impressive. The results were emailed to him while his truck was still in the shop. Just like his Mom, his vehicle didn’t need any further work but this app provided perfect evidence of the truck’s condition when he got ready to sell it. Our team selected AutoServe1 to provide us with this service. I’m NOT on their payroll and am passing this along in case you’re looking for a service like this. You can learn more about them by clicking HERE. See Mrs. Short’s vehicle condition report by clicking HERE.
Delay of game

This might have some impact on tire availability... The United SteelWorkers union has asked for and gotten a 50 day extension on submitting their data to the US Department of Commerce. The deadline was November 9th. The union says tires being manufactured in Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea are being dumped in our country at below market pricing and the USW want a tariff or duty to help level the playing field. The new deadline is December 29 to submit their evidence, followed by a final ruling in March. With all this up in the air, many importers are leery of bringing in their normal quantities of tires in case the penalties are made retroactive. Keep in mind we’re doing all we can to ensure you have a steady supply of your favorite lines.  
Indispensable Propaganda
Cooper gives 'til it hurts

If it’s fall, it must be Cooper rebate time. Cooper’s consumer rebate runs from October 15 until November 9th. $70 back on AT3 family and Enduramax; $50 back on Evolution Winter, Snow Claw, and Discoverer True North. 
Not to be outdone - Hankook Rebate

They call it The Great Winter Promotion. Edgy name. And it’s in play from November 10 through December 20. Consumers get back $70 on the Kinergy 4S2, and $40 on the Winter RW11 and W320. And I know how much you all love it when Hankook says, “Redeemable online only.” Direct your customers to
Salesperson Spiff

Need another reason to sell a quality tire line? How about 40 reasons per set? From October 1st through November 30th, Falken is paying their Fanatic associate dealer’s COUNTER SALESPEOPLE a $10 dollar spiff on every Wildpeak H/T02 they sell and install at retail. If you are not a Falken Fanatic dealer and want to be, it’s easy. They only ask for 30 tires per quarter for the first year and a starter order of 12 tires. Questions? Please call or email me.  
Falken Cash

Who is this lady and where did she get this money? No, I don’t believe she cashed in on Falken’s counter spiff but if you’re up on your Old Movie Trivia and can ID her and the movie this shot is from, email me back. First three correct answers win Semi-Fabulous K&W SuperPrizes.
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