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October 2017
From Gary...

Well it's October and 2017 is flying past us. Lots of things going on with us at Dobyns Rods. We launched the Colt Series several weeks ago and it's doing very well. I'll be launching an Ultra High-End Series around Feb. 2018. I've worked on this rod for years and now with new materials available, I can make it the way I've always wanted to.
I just returned from Lake Fork this morning. Fishing is very good for numbers but lacking the giants that Lake Fork is known for. The catfishing is great with many bass fishermen catching really big ones by accident. Here in the west some lakes are doing well and others are unbelievably tough fishing. Congrats to Bryant Smith on the big FLW win this past weekend at Clear Lake. The lake isn't putting out the big bags as years past but fishing is still pretty good. Lake Oroville is putting out plenty of fish but mostly small ones. Shasta Lake is really good, and Lake Berryessa, the site of the Wild West Bass Trail Championship this weekend, is tough. It's so tough, there's not a lot of limits and many anglers report they're not catching a single keeper all day. This is strange for Berryessa. I feel this is the best bass lake in Northern California right now.  It's in a funk and will change soon, hopefully by this weekend.
October is a really big transition month. The water starts cooling and the lakes hit their "turnover" sometime in October or early November. The turnover period makes for very tough fishing as things adjust.  Thankfully this period doesn't last long and then fishing will be great.
This is my favorite time of year to fish. There's very little boat traffic and the bite is usually very good. Don't overlook the topwater bite. This is the strongest time of year to catch big ones on top. Many anglers feel that topwater ends with summertime temps but in reality the fall is the best topwater time. Give it a try and I'll see you at the ramp or on the water. Good luck fishing!!!!!

Bryant Smith Sweeps Tough Clearlake

Congratulations to Dobyns Rods Pro Staffer Bryant Smith on his win with the Costa FLW Series on Clearlake! Bryant led the tournament all three days with a total weight of 53lbs, 15oz. He committed his entire event to pitching a wacky-rigged Yamamoto Senko around docks on a 3/0 Decoy Cover Finesse HD Worm 220 hook with a 3/32 ounce nail weight.

In the same tournament, Dobyns Rods Pro Richard Dobyns placed 9th with a 3-day total weight of 41lbs 1oz. Richard caught his fish on a 1/2-ounce chartreuse/white Pepper Custom Baits spinnerbait and a wacky-rigged green pumpkin/watermelon Yamamoto Senko.

Congratulations guys!!

Ben Hanes Wins B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Championship

Washington State Dobyns Pro Staffer Ben Hanes recently became the 2017 B.A.S.S. Federation Nation State Champion.Against a cast of extremely talented anglers, Ben was able to finish the year very strong, winning back to back tournaments on the Columbia River out of Richland, WA.Faced with difficult, very windy conditions, Ben employed a Dobyns DX 703C paired with a ¾ oz Woo Tungsten weight and Carolina-rigged Gary Yamamoto 6" Lizard (color 176).On the second day (a separate tournament), Ben bested the entire field by 2 lbs. Faced with blue bird conditions and a north wind, Ben switched to a DX 702SF Finesse drop shot rod, paired with a light weight and Yamamoto Shad Shape worm, fishing weedlines with good rock mixed in.When short strikes occurred and bigger fish started showing up, he beefed up his rod to the Dobyns DC 764C, fishing a ¾ oz spider Jig.By erratically and quickly banging it on the rocks during his retrieve, he was able to generate quality reaction strikes, resulting in big fish being brought to the boat. Ben will be the Washington State team captain when him and 9 other talented Washington State anglers head to the Divisional Championship in 2018.
Congratulations Ben!

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Dobyns Pro Staffers Take Top Spots At Mead Including AOY

Dobyns Rods Pro Staffers Tai Au(3rdPlace), Jason Borofka(4th Place), Marty Lawrence(5th Place), Randy Pierson(7th Place), and Philip Roesener(10th Place) each secured a top 10 finish on the Pro-side with the Wild West Bass Trail Lucas Oil Western Classic at Lake Mead. Tara Borofka(2nd Place) and Jacob Shull(3rd Place) took home a top 10 finish as well on the Co-side.
With his finish, Tai Au was awarded the WWBT 2017 Pro Angler Of The Year. 
Congratulation to each of you!
Rebuilt Nixon Will Be Ready By January
By Pete Robbins

Larry Nixon may not be running entirely on original factory parts, but he's convinced that he still has plenty of fuel in the tank to keep his long and consistent fishing career going.

Nixon, who turned 67 years old on September 3rd, received for his birthday the best gift an ailing fisherman might hope for - a new left hand. Repetitive motion had worn it out so the doctor went inside and took out all of the cartilage in between his thumb and the first joint on his wrist. That sort of monumental surgery might've scared most anglers as it directly impacts their ability to work, but Nixon had undergone the same procedure on the opposite side 15 years earlier. He knew what to expect, and furthermore he'd been through a more serious procedure in between the operations on his hands when he endured major heart surgery in 2016.


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Bill Huntington Taking Advantage Of The First Day Of Fall

Bill Huntington was out at Falcon Lake the first day of fall with his Champion DC 736C. " Falcon fish are extremely strong and often tight to structure.  An angler needs a rod that can match their strength to be successful."


We couldn't agree more, Bill!

Bass Fishing On The CA Delta

In this video Aaron Lesieur fishes Little Potato Slough catching bass on a crankbait and drop shot. He provides detailed information on how to catch bass and where to catch bass on the Ca Delta.

This episode provides waypoints, multiple fish catches and techniques so you can go out and try to emulate his success.
Bass Fishing Tip To Save Those Soft Plastics

Tom Redington shares a great bass fishing tip - using an O-ring to save your soft plastic lures when Texas rigging.

Dave Pyne Enjoying The SSM 703C

Dave Pyne is enjoying his new Savvy SSM 703C. It has quickly become one of his favorites!

We have plenty of Rep Sample Savvy Micro rods still available for purchase on our website. These are new, never used rods and still in original package offered at a great discount.

Wild West Bass Trail at Berryessa for Team Championship and AOY Points Race

NAPA, Calif. - The Wild West Bass Trail (WWBT) blasts off on Lake Berryessa Oct. 6-8 for its 2017 California Teams Classic presented by Evinrude. The event marks the final opportunity for the 73 qualifying teams to add points to their standings in the 2017 Anglers of the Year (AOY) race.

With only five points separating the top two teams and less than a 50 point spread on the top -5, the opportunity for more than the event prize package is on the line.

The winning Berryessa team will take home a fully rigged Ranger/Evinrude and the partners that top the Year-To-Date standings following the event will earn entries to the WWBT California Team events for the 2018 season.

How To Catch Austrailian Bass On Spoons

A detailed tutorial and instructional video on how Dobyns Rods Pro Staffer Dean Silvester fishes Palms spoons for bass, no matter what depth of water or time of year, etc.

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Hammond's Win 3 Rivers Angler Of The Year

Steve and Skylar Hammond won the 3 Rivers Bass Team Trail/Dobyns Rods Angler Of The Year!

With their win, they join the Dobyns Rods Pro Staff Team. Congratulations guys, and welcome to the team!

Dave Krimm Catching 'Em With The DC 744C

Dave Krimm has been out putting the Champion DC 744C to good use with a spider jig.

Great catch, Dave!
Which 3 Rods Would You Choose?

If you could only have three Dobyns Rods, which ones would you pick?

Gary Dobyns gives us his thoughts on which three rods he wants when he's sneaking out to the lake.

Brenham High School Anglers Off To A Great Start
Dobyns Rods Pro Staffer Brent Sauble was the boat captain for two Brenham High School Anglers with the Texas High School Bass Fishing Association Team Tournament at Lake Livingston. The student anglers placed 26th out of 200 teams with 4 fish for a total weight of 8.77lbs. This was the first time either of these anglers had ever fished from a boat or in a lake for bass.

They caught their fish using a Dobyns Fury FR 733C throwing a chartreuse spinner bait and a white chatter bait, they also used a Dobyns Champion DC 703C for a Texas rigged blue fleck power worm.
Congratulations guys!
Elliott And Ford Win D&R Sports Championship

Congratulations to Dobyns Rods Pro Staffers Jeff Elliott and Shaun Ford on their BIG win with the D&R Sports Classic Team Championship at Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell. They won with a total weight of 31.91lbs. As part of their win, they receive a new Tracker 175!


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Ron Schmidt Gets His Personal Best

"Fun day today, actually all fishing days are fun but this one was extra fun.  I got a 6lber today . My personal best Washington state bass.   This was on a swim bait.  I was swimming it along the edge of a lily pad field when she came out and tried to take it away from me.  She went back in the pads faster then she came out. The first jump was about 12 to 15 feet inside the pads with my line wrapped around some pad stems at the edge. She jumped a couple more times and wrapped around several stems.  Thought for sure I was going to lose her.  I finally got her and after a few pictures I put her back right where I caught her.
 Yes it was exciting. I only had 12lb Mono line and I couldn't horse him out.  I did manage to get my line off of the very outside pad stems and when I did I could feel my line sliding on the stems as he went farther back into the pads.  We would have to go into the pads to get him.  Then when we got to where my line went into the water we could see the boiling water about 6 to 8 feet from where my line was.  We could see him pulling to try and get free.  Every time she would pull you could see the four pads she was wrapped around because they would pull under water.  At that point I thought I was going to see her break loose and swim away.  It would only be a story to tell. Once I knew which pads she was around I was able to get my line off of the pads one at a time.  Finally my line went directly from my Dobyns Champion 704 rod tip to the fish's mouth.  She decided to make one more run, but I stopped her.  Finally she was in the boat."


Congratulations on the PB, Ron!

McDuffie Takes Second In Illinois Tournament

1st place winners Terry Jr and Brandon Hale, from Waltonville and Mt Vernon, IL, weighed in 5 fish for 14-39 Lbs winning $530.00. They fished Red Bandit Crankbaits around mid lake in 3-5 feet of water. Ford Square of Mt Vernon, IL sponsors them. Dobyns Rods Pro Staffer Leroy McDuffie and Tom Witges, from McLeansboro and Albers, IL, took second weighing in 5 fish for 13-00 Lbs winning $560.00, including Tom's $100.00 for big bass with a 5.62 Lbs and $40.00 in bonus sidepot pot money, using shad crankbaits and white spinnerbaits in 1-8 feet of water around mid lake shallow rocks.


Putting The New Colt Series To Work

Dobyns Rods Pro Staffer Justin Broulliard and his partner, Riley, were catching them at Mallets Bay over the weekend. They caught 20.22lbs on the Champion DC 702C, Sierra SA 702C and the Colt CL 705CB.
Good work guys!