Spring 2021
Letter from the General Manager - Jim Clemens
 I have often said, "I like a good challenge". After the 2019 and 2020 seasons, I am pretty sure that I will never utter that phrase again!

The good news is that, having a responsible and resilient staff, allowed Windmill Marina Association (WMA) to successfully meet the challenges of both years. In spite of the flood, 2019 turned out to be a pretty good year. At this point a year ago, we had no idea how Covid-19 would impact us during 2020.
We did understand that we had to strike a balance between employee safety and customer service. Following mandated guidance, WMA began the season locked down and the boat ramp was closed.  As the hazards and precautions of Covid-19 were better understood, and restrictions were eased, the marina increased operations and adapted services delivered. 

What we didn't understand in the spring of 2020, was that lockdowns and cancellations of normal summer activities would create unprecedented increases in boating activity. Our launch ramp was in high demand and more fuel was sold than in my previous years as manager. I don't recall a washout weekend last season but I do recall turning away launching boats by 1PM on several occasions.
If we had the trailer parking we could have filled the marina twice on several days.

If I were to pick another over used phrase; I would say that "I am cautiously optimistic," that we will have another great year. The snow and ice are gone early and we have avoided high water. I believe that folks still feel the overwhelming need to get out of the house and shake off the effects of lockdowns and mask wearing. In my opinion there is no better way to do that than by "Wetting a Line" or being "On Plane" without a no wake restriction.

Have a great year!

Jim Clemens
General Manager
A Message from the Service Department
Scott Baken
Hi Everyone,
Spring Launch is approaching quickly. The ice is clear and it's time to start thinking about boating again! We are excited to see everyone this summer and looking forward to helping you with all your service needs. The service department is filling up with work rather quickly so make sure you call and schedule all service work ASAP.

The pandemic had a huge impact on the boating industry and kept the technicians busy this winter working on projects and preparing for the summer season.

As always, service gets pretty backed up during Launch, with that being said we will complete services like oil changes and tune ups after Spring Launch is complete. Our goal is to get everyone boating on the St. Croix River by Memorial Day Weekend!

Give me a call at (651) 436-7744 or email scott@windmillmarina.com to get scheduled for any service or repairs on your boat!

Also, make sure you have batteries, tie lines, fenders and hull plugs on the boat BEFORE you are scheduled to launch!

See you soon,

Spring 2021 Rates
 $75 per engine
 $53 per generator
 $30 per AC unit
 $11 per faucet (max $110)
 $20 per head
 $27 per ice maker
Removing Shrink Wrap & Launching Spring 2021
Email or Call the marina office to get on the unwrap list and launch list.
The marina does not unwrap or launch your boat until you have contacted the office to put your name on BOTH LISTS.
April 15th is the earliest date we usually get launching, as we have stored customer docks in both our harbors that first need to be removed. We also need to watch the weather for unforeseen weather events.
All boats MUST be launched or moved off all marina parking areas no later than May 19th. Please contact the marina office if you have questions regarding our deadlines for launching.
If the Service Department winterized your boat they will automatically summarize it.
All customer accounts must be paid in full before spring launch!
A letter from the Office
Spring is here and the boating season will be starting soon – we are looking forward to seeing all of our faithful customers again in a couple weeks. Hopefully this season will not be reminiscent of 2020 and we will have more freedom while on the river trying to enjoy our favorite pastime.
Excited to possibly have the Spring Launch Party and National Marina Day gatherings if all goes well with the pandemic. We have really missed the comradery that the parties bring to the Marina.
The ship store is open 8:00 am to 5:00pm weekdays and 9:00am to 4:00pm on the weekends – masks will be required while indoors at the marina. We also ask that if you are going to be in close contact to the staff while outside that you will also wear a mask to ensure the safety of all involved. We have it posted on the shop doors that the Service Dept. is for employees only – please do not enter unless Scott is with you or has approved the visit. I realize this is a bit of an inconvenience but we will abide to the Governors orders and would hope you respect our wishes.
We will continue the use of golf carts and sanitizing after each use, guests will not be permitted to ride up front with the staff. While at the gas dock our staff will also wear face masks and gloves to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
In a few weeks check out our NEW & IMPROVED website at www.windmillmarina.com to see the current river level and no wake status.
Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer
Julie & Kelly
  • Watch your wake. The faster you go, the greater your wake. Boat size and style can also vary your wake. "No wake zones" exist because of the damage wakes cause to the shorelines, moored and docked boats and docks. Wakes can also swamp smaller vessels causing damage to the boat or harm to the passengers. You are responsible for your wake and you may have to pay for damages you create with your boat wake.
  • Know the speed limit. The most common speed limit is 40-mph on a clear day and 20-mph on a clear night. Cloudy, foggy or rainy weather can reduce visibility so decrease your speed accordingly.
  • Respect your neighbor. 
  • Watch where you are going. Smaller boats and boats under sail have the right of way. It is difficult for these vessels to move out of the way with ease. If you are passing one of these vessels, do so at a far distance and slow down. Your wake will affect these boats. Try to pass smaller boats off their stern and in a cross pattern. When being passed, remember to also slow down, it will allow the larger boat to pass at a slower speed, thus reducing their wake.
  • Gas docks aren't for errands. Gas docks are for fueling up and getting the head pumped. If you need to pick up guests or do errands, please do so from your slip or at the city docks, not from the gas dock. Others are waiting to use the gas dock and it is very frustrating when a boat holds the line up.

Summers in Minnesota can't be beat!
They are even more enjoyable when spent on the river. Let's help continue this grand tradition by using common sense and practicing good boating etiquette!
Art in the Park 2021
Saturday September 25tth 10am-5pm
Sunday September 26th 11am-4pm
No update on the Strawberry Festival at this time
Please Be Aware of the Afton Leash Law
We love seeing your pet here at Windmill Marina but for the safety of everyone involved (especially your pet) we ask that you follow the Afton City ordinance and keep your pet leashed and under your control. Mutt Mitts are available throughout the marina for your convenience in cleaning up after your pet.

Afton City Ordinance: Sec 6.2             
No owner shall permit his animal to be at large in this city, but shall keep such animal under restraint at all times. Animals shall be prohibited in areas of public parks or upon public lands unless leashed at all times

The City has changed their animal impound provider to OLACC            

Otter Lake Animal Care Center
6848 Otter Lake Rd. Hugo, Mn 55038
Animal Control 715-220-1332                         
Otter Lake Animal Care 651-426-8871

All Dogs (& Cats) that venture out-of-doors in Afton are required to be licensed and have current rabies vaccinations. This is for the health and safety of residents, pets and wildlife.
Emergency Response Equipment
Windmill Marina Association has an automated external defibrillator device.

The AED will be located in the hallway of the bathrooms/showers of the Ship's Store.
Wakes on the River: A Reminder from the MN DNR
  • Be aware of your environment and what is going on around you - this applies to all types of boats, including paddlers and those on and around the water.
  • Stay at least 200 feet away from shorelines, docks or other structures. Backing a boat up to a riverbank or lakeshore can damage the area and lead to erosion. Travel slowly in shallow waters.
  • Minimize repetitive passes. Once you've run a line, move to another area. Comply with all signs and respect barriers.
  • Respect the rights of others so everyone can enjoy their time on the water - keep the noise down, be courteous to other boaters and show consideration to all recreationalists on and around the water.

16065 32nd Street South
Afton, MN 55001
Phone: 651-436-7744