Then ...  On February 14, 1988, Doctors Care opened its doors with a mission to provide access to health care for the medically underserved in the community. 

Your support made it possible for Doctors Care, along with our physician and hospital partners, to offer new hope by providing quality health care to hundreds of uninsured individuals.

Through the Years ...  Doctors Care expanded and adapted our services to provide integrated medical, dental and behavioral health care for infants, children, young adults and families in need.

Your support helped Doctors Care open a clinic that now serves thousands of low-income patients each year, and move into a new facility that houses our clinical and program services together, enhancing quality and convenience for our patients.

Now ...  Doctors Care is a well-established organization with 30 years of continuous dedication to our mission of quality health care and programs that address socioeconomic barriers to health and well-being for all. 

Your support will honor the rich history of Doctors Care, and provide an equally bright future through a recurring gift to commemorate Doctors Care's 30th Anniversary. A recurring gift is a convenient way to  help Doctors Care continue to innovate as we address the changing needs of our patients, and provides  a steady stream of funding to ensure sustainability of the organization for the next 30 years! 

May we suggest a secure, online recurring gift to Doctors Care:

$ 30 a month  helps fund medical and dental supplies and equipment needed to provide free or low cost health services in our community.

$ 60 a month  helps offset the costs of providing free health navigation services that provide resources and support for the psycho-social challenges of our patients.

$ 90 a month  fills the gap between Medicaid reimbursement and actual costs to Doctors Care for seeing low-income children, young adults and families in the clinic.

To make an automatic recurring gift:  Click here. Enter your donation amount and choose "recurring". You may choose the date your recurring donation will begin, the amount and how often your donation will recur. If you need assistance, call 720-458-6204. 

You may also make a one-time gift.  To give online, click here, Under donation frequency, choose "today". To make a one-time gift by check, make check payable to Doctors Care and send to: Doctors Care, Attn: Barb Hanson
609 West Littleton Boulevard, Suite 100
Littleton, Colorado 80120

When you give to Doctors Care, you help level the disparities of low-income individuals facing medical and socioeconomic challenges in life. When you support Doctors Care's 30th Anniversary, you ensure our ability to provide quality services and compassionate care needed to make a difference in their lives. Thank you.