January 20, 2022
Join us for this year’s first EPIC
film screening and Tuesday Talk
A Documentary Screening (40 min.) and Discussion
Monday, January 24 from 4–5:30pm
On July 14, 1970, members of the Young Lords occupied Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx—known locally as “the Butcher Shop.” A group of activists barricaded themselves inside the facility, demanding safer and more accessible health care for the community. Their tactics included direct action and occupations that highlighted institutional failures. The dramatic takeover of Lincoln Hospital led to one of the first Patient’s Bill of Rights, changing patients’ relationship with hospitals and doctors nationwide.
EPIC’s documentary screenings will take place on Mondays. Please send us your film recommendations to epic@columbia.edu.
Tuesday Talk: Biden’s China Policy
Tuesday, February 1 from 2–3:30pm

US China policy shifted decisively from engagement to antagonism under Donald Trump, and many expected Joe Biden to shift back to a less hostile policy. Yet he has continued Trump's tariffs, the “Quad” alignment with Japan, Australia, and India, and the designation of Chinese policy in Xinjiang as a “genocide.” Is Biden just continuing Trump's China policy, or are there some important differences? If so, what are they? And what are the prospects that Biden’s China policy will succeed?

Tuesday Talk by Andrew J. Nathan, Professor of Political Science at Columbia University.
Online EPIC Yoga Every Thursday
10–11am and 11:15am–12:15pm
Professor Emerita Virginia Papaioannou,
a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance, leads EPIC Yoga. No prior experience is required to join. Yoga can benefit people at all levels of physical training and health, but it is always wise to consult with a physician before undertaking any new exercise regime. Modifications will be offered to any participants with specific limitations arising from recovery from injury, arthritis, limited movement, or other causes.

Two one-hour classes are offered each week. The 10–11am class practices breathing techniques and moves through some basic yoga poses, concentrating on alignment, balance, and flexibility. Those with experience move more deeply into the poses. From 11:15am–12:15pm, we practice gentle/chair yoga, which is ideal for those of more limited mobility or flexibility. Classes include breathing, stretching, and yoga poses, done either seated in a chair or standing. No yoga mats are required for this class.

Interested in joining a class or need more info? Email Lalla Grimes.
The Narrative Medicine Program at Columbia University invites community members who self-identify as older adults to participate in an Intergenerational Narrative Medicine workshop. The experience seeks to foster connections among undergraduates and a group of mixed-age individuals in an effort to break down intergenerational barriers created by age segregation, ageism, and urbanization. The workshop will begin the week of February 28 and meet virtually once a week for six consecutive weeks. The number of participants will be limited to 14 undergrads and older members.

If you’re interested in participating, sign up at https://forms.gle/LsKiGhktioigfBNX8. For more information, contact Stephanie Adler Yuan, lecturer and practicum coordinator, at sja2135@columbia.edu or (917) 915-0994.
Do you have questions about EPIC? Contact us.