January, 2015
  • 2015 = the Number 8: This means Abundance!
  • Adventurous Spirit Travel Journeys, 2015
  • Mt Shasta: 7 Secrets
  • Why are Greens good for you?
  • Giving Back: Updates on 2 projects
  • January Message from the Angels, Lee Cook

The Future Can Bring
What We ask for in 2015!

2+0+1+5 = 8.  In Numerology, 8 is the number of Abundance. This includes Wisdom, Peace, and Compassion. I wonder what our civilization will do with all this abundance in 2015. Remember that the future can bring what we ask for.

The world is changing in ways we have never seen before. Things are happening faster than ever, perhaps faster than we are prepared to accept. So, we need to think differently, and live differently. "We're being urged by the Earth and the Universe toward a new stage of growth, and we are waking up to the realization that we can become partners in creation, stewards of the Earth's well-being, and conscious participants in the cosmic epic of evolution," says Jean Houston.

As we evolve, compassion is the force that is holding us together. Become compassionate, tolerant and forgiving... we need compassionate action. 

Things that are out of balance want to recalibrate and come back into balance. Just watch as a bowl of water begins to settle after a disturbance, the water will always return to that balanced, level state. As we change, the Earth will change. We want to do this for ourselves and Gaia also wants be in balance. We all need each other! By focusing on self healing, balance and compassion, a coherence will naturally come. 2015 can be a wonderful new year!
WHERE is Adventurous Spirit Travel 
Going Next??

This coming year of 2015, Adventurous Spirt Travel will be going to Mt Shasta, one of the most powerful places in the world. We will be offering a spiritual retreat of the highest quality at this outdoor cathedral. July 29 - Aug 2, 2015, when the weather is perfect there, we will stay in Mt Shasta, exploring the many special waterfalls, lakes, springs, and with special guides, we will meditate at the amazing, often hidden power spots on the mountain, itself. We will truly have an experiential opportunity to attune to this chakra center of Gaia. Trip Cost: only $570.00!

EGYPT!!!  October 15 - 28, we will be traveling through Egypt!! The stars have finally lined up for a most unique experience. With Crotalo Sesamo, ambassador from Damanhur, the underground Temple City in Italy, we will visit the Temples and Pyramids of this ancient civilization. Crotalo is an experienced guide through Egypt and has been a researcher for 16 years of all the ancient civilizations on Earth. He will be able to guide us with stories to help us remember the mythology and with meditations that will connect us with the powerful energies there.

We will spend our travels along the Nile River aboard a beautiful private yacht, accessing lovely places in Egypt that many people never get to experience. We will be at the Sphinx, inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, at a pre-dawn ceremony at the Temple of Isis, and a few other wonderful places for special private meditations and ceremonies. This promises to be the journey of a lifetime to a place everyone needs to visit at least once in order to reconnect with the mythology and powerful energies that have formed our world.

If you have any questions, call Tina 720-217-1829; 
Mt Shasta: 7 Secrets

Seven Secrets of Mt Shasta 

Mt Shasta is a phenomenal place that most people have heard of, but few have visited. The massive volcanic mountain erupts out of the towering pines of the pristine Shasta Trinity National Forest in Northern California. It has been considered a sacred place since the beginning of time. Visiting there is like taking a pilgrimage to a vast outdoor cathedral. Similar to the wonderful lenticular clouds that often cloak the summit, the mountain itself is shrouded in legends and stories that create a mystique for the entire area.

Here are Seven Secrets of the Mountain:
  • It is the Home of Many Ascended Masters
  • It is a Ceremonial Grounds for Native Americans
  • It is a Vortex Energy Center
  • Telos, the city of Ancient Lemurians exists under the Mountain
  • It is a UFO Hotspot
  • The Water is Magical There
  • Mt Shasta is a Chakra Center of Gaia

There are countless secrets that abound in Mt Shasta and they can only be discovered by actually being there on the mountain. Reading about such a place can be no substitute for the direct experience of the wild, universal life force energy, colorful meadow flowers, cleansing mists of the waterfalls, sparkling spring waters, the deep blue sky traversed by clouds full of messages, and the glistening white snow fields of Mt Shasta.


Join our Journey this Summer, 2015 

for 5 days of immersion into the energies of the Mountain!

ONLY $570.00

More info Here

Why are Greens Good for You?

RAIN's NEW PRODUCT called CORE is full of GREENS!

WHY do You Want to Take these 8 Greens in CORE??


  • Greens help you to stay YOUNG! 
  • Keep your bones and teeth strong
  • Help produce SEX hormones
  • Strengthen New Collagen in the Skin
  • They help your eyes to see well
  • Can slow mental decline by 40%
  • Help you to lose weight
  • Balance your PH
  • Prevent CANCER                                                                          
  • "I have so much energy; I feel like my body is lit up!" -J.D.
  • "I am so grateful that you introduced me to SOUL and CORE. My inflammation and arthritis pain is virtually gone!" M.B.
  • "My hair won't stop growing and all my MENOPAUSAL symptoms have disappeared." CC
IF you are not drinking your own fresh greens drink every day, just open one of these CORE packages full of several servings of fresh GREENS and so much more!
Nothing could be EASIER!

  Call with questions. 
Giving Back
Updates on 2 of Our Projects

NEPAL and NICARAGUA Non-Profit Fundraiser

From the filmmaker: "Here is a short video to keep you going. Sorry the color sort of shifts -- this isn't the trailer that I plan to send out to everyone, it's just something I put together to prove that I didn't stay in my hotel room the whole time, eating curried goat momos. Watch in HD!" 

Rough cut trailer from Nepal
Rough cut trailer from Nepal

Ryan Elementary School in Lafayette, Colorado raises
$2,000.00 for it's Sister school, Wolathang Elementary
in Bhutan!! 
This equals 15,384 LUNCHES!
See how we started the program by watching this video, below!
Wolathang Dreams
Wolathang Dreams

Angel Message for January 2015
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,

Your  imagination is a divine gift.

As you imagine the life in which you want to live, the spark of light begins. Like lighting a match, you can choose whether you want to light a candle with this match and carry the candle forward, or blow the light out. The choice is always yours.

When your imagination is combined with the vitality and enthusiasm of your Heart, together with the clear focus of your intellect, the dynamic combination creates an out picturing that you choose for your life.

We seek to gift you with inspiration and assistance in the manifestation of your brightest light coming forward.
Creation begins with you.

with love,
The Angels

Thank You, Until Next Time


"When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance."

~ Joel Osteen

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