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Does AB 2943 Ban the Bible?
AB 2943 prohibits individuals, whether a pastor, clergy, or licensed therapist, from: advertising sexual orientation change efforts, offering to engage in sexual orientation change efforts, and engaging in sexual orientation change efforts. This legislation also bans books that are aimed at helping individuals deal with se xual orientation and gender identity questions. 
What types of activities are 
subject to AB 2943? 
AB 2943 is an extremely broad bill that outlaws a variety of constitutionally protected activities. All types of counseling, including talk therapy, group sessions, and even journaling, would be outlawed if it helps a person address unwanted same-sex attractions or gender identity question. Conferences and retreats, such as a marriage conference or church men's retreat, that help individuals or couples with these issues would be subject to the law. A variety of services offered by a religious school or college could also trigger the law, including counseling services, classes, and even school policies that require students to change their sexual behavior as a condition of enrolling in the school. 

Does AB 2943 still ban books after 
the amendment? 
As amended, AB 2943 is still extremely broad and impacts the sale of books and other resources that help individuals seeking personal life changes. Under the bill, "services furnished in connection with the sale or repair of goods" are subject to the law. As a result, a bookstore could be liable if its staff assisted a patron by recommending a book to help the individual change unwanted same-sex attraction.

Does AB 2943 ban the Bible? 
While it is unlikely that churches or bookstores will be sued for selling copies of the Bible, what is more troubling is that AB 2943 declares the biblically-based teaching that a person can be born again and experience true personal life changes related to their sexuality and identity as deceptive and fraudulent. While it's hard to imagine any state in America banning the Bible for private citizens, AB 2943 sets us on an extremely dangerous trajectory. 

Why should a group or person be allowed 
to commit consumer fraud under 
the guise of "religion"? 
The idea that people can change and find true joy in embracing and living out their faith is at the heart of many religions. California shouldn't be telling people that such faith is fraudulent. 

The American Psychological Association acknowledges that, in some cases, men and women have been greatly helped to resolve unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion. There are countless stories of Californians who sought out and benefitted from counseling and resources to address questions over unwanted feelings and attractions. To call their stories "fraudulent" is to deny their experiences and even their very existence. 

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