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A new report by an environmental group shows that the RFS has not had a big impact on land use changes.  
MN Remains Fourth Largest Ethanol Producer:  MN's production capacity grew to 1.16 billion gallons this year, the EIA reports.  Read More

E15 Sales Fall Because Of RVP: Sales of E15 in Minnesota fell to 224,860 gallons in June thanks to the illogical RVP ban on E15.  Read More

The RFS Turns 11! : The country's most successful energy policy celebrated it's anniversary in August.

Vehicle efficiency in turbocharged cars increase with E25 to E40. Read More

A Bloomberg article on the biofuels industry shows clear bias against ethanol and factsRead More

Wayne Standardizes All North American Retail To E25:  All Wayne fuel dispensing systems will be E25 compatible.  Read More   

API-Funded Study Obscures Benefits From Biofuels: 
Big Oil continues to claim biofuels don't reduce emission by omitting actual science. Read More

Renewable Fuels Deserve A Place At The Pump:  
The RFS has reduced our dependence on foreign oil, writes Sen. Jim Talent.   Read More

It's Time To Address The RVP: 
The RVP season hurts both retailers and consumers.  Read More

In Pitting Biofuels Against The Environment, The Only Clear Winner Is Oil: The oil industry is try to use the environment in its ongoing war against biofuels.  Read More

Nissan Debuts Fuel-Cell Prototype Powered By Bio-Ethanol: Nissan begins testing its ground-breaking fuel cell technology that uses ethanol. Read More 

RFA Asks EPA, CFTC To Examine Possible Manipulation of RIN Market :  The recent spike in RIN prices has the market concerned of manipulation by certain parties.
Do you have questions on the business case to sell E15 - E85?
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Seldom do the puzzle pieces align so perfectly as they now have to give Minnesota motorists greater access to E15 and higher blends of Minnesota grown, renewable ethanol.  Some of those puzzle pieces include State and Federal funds for fuel storage and dispensing infrastructure, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction tools, economic development and consumer savings.  The puzzle picture, however, is only complete when the aligned pieces are put together.  Read More  

St-Paul-based Diesel Dogs Fuel Service has become the first fuel distributor in Minnesota to offer pre-blended E15, paving the way for higher consumption of locally-produced clean E15. Read more about this pioneering initiative from Diesel Dogs and why it's set to have a major impact  here

Rep.Tim Walz visited Al-Corn Clean Fuels on Aug 24 to learn more about Al-Corn's upcoming expansion exercise and to reiterate his support for clean Minnesota-produced renewable biofuels. Read more  here

On Aug 2, Al-Corn Clean Fuel celebrated its 20th year of producing clean renewable fuel and supporting Minnesota's rural economy. Read more  here                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube