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In this newsletter we talk about how Medicare covers Osteoporosis.
In the Health Corner, I share an easy yogurt/granola mason jar breakfast creation; make ahead to take on the go.

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Does Medicare Cover Osteoporosis Testing and What Should I know?
Osteoporosis is being called a disease that occurs as we age. Bones lose density and mass which cause them to become weak, brittle, and easily broken.

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, it is estimated that
54 million Americans have osteoporosis; also known as low bone mass. Bone breaks often occur in the hip, spine, and wrist.

Getting diagnosed is easy and would start with a conversation talking to your doctor. The test is a simple bone mineral density (BMD) test like a DEXA scan and can identify osteoporosis before a broken bone occurs.

So who should get tested? It is recommended that women age 65 or older and men age 70 or older get tested for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is more common in women than men. For women, osteoporosis is more common after menopause. 

OK so, does Medicare cover osteoporosis testing? Medicare plans cover the full cost of bone mass measurement testing once every 24 months for people who meet certain criteria. Some people may be covered more often if determined medically necessary.

Remember, check your medications and review with your doctor. Some medications may also have side effects of reducing bone mass.
Yogurt Parfaits in a Mason Jar are Perfect for Breakfasts On-The-Go
I love this idea!

Making your own granola is the perfect snack and the yogurt/fruit mixture is a fresh
non-processed healthy food option.
“Use mason jars and fill them with layered fruit and yogurt. Then during the week, we just grab a jar from the fridge, and a separate small container of nuts or granola. Presto! A pre-made, convenient, yet very healthy breakfast.“

“Try making up a batch of granola on the weekend, which will last all week. This is a great crunchy topping that has grains, nuts and seeds to add to the nutritional value of the yogurt and fruits. In all, you have a complete meal that will keep you full for hours.”
Enjoy ! … Healthy Eating 😊
* This article is for information purposes only. I don’t recommend, support, or diagnose any featured writer or article. I am not a doctor.  
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