Fall has fallen! Do you feel it? It's still pretty warm here in Marietta, but knowing how this year has gone, we'll go from 80º to snow!

This week our focus was on Instagram. The platform has been popular for quite some time, and it has been in the news often of late because of head-to-head competition with SnapChat. Instagram has a personal feel to it, maybe because there are so many pictures and videos. More personal information is shared through these images, whereas on Facebook and Twitter the emphasis tends to be equally distributed between the personal, current events, and more. The personal feel on Instagram may intimidate companies who are worried that they can't get into the same vibe.

Monday's post this week focused on how companies can get started on Instagram. We walk you through some ideas regarding how your company can start by dipping your toes in with some monitoring and then begin to post and network.

By Wednesday, you may still have been feeling a bit skeptical about all of those tips and tricks, so we shared some examples of companies who are using Instagram effectively. We talk about why we like what they are doing, which might make it easier for you to see how your company could do the same. 

We are more than happy to help you out if you are still weighing the pros and cons of Instagram. Just let us know!

What Will It Take To Make Your Company Successful in 2017?

As we round third and head for home this year (baseball metaphors are completely appropriate in late September), it's time to start thinking of what you need to do to either continue the positive momentum your company has enjoyed this year or find that magic formula that will turn things around.
We talk to scores of companies every year and the first question I always ask is "How's business?" It inevitably leads to further discussions about the economy, the difficulty of finding qualified skilled workers for their plant, the effect of the election, the market fluctuations and much more. It's no different than if you went to a psychologist and he or she asked you "How are you doing?" It's a door opener to get you to start a dialogue. Granted, my little interviews are not a national poll, but when you hear virtually the same answers time after time, you start to believe there is a trend here.
People are nervous right now. Certainly the contentious election year has contributed to that, but so has terrorism (both home grown and foreign), hacking of huge networks (Yahoo just yesterday being the latest example), whether the Fed will or will not raise interest rates, and so on.
Running a company is not easy. Nobody ever said it would be. There are a myriad of factors that can determine whether you will have a good year. For companies who manufacture capital equipment, one large order can make the difference. For others, they have to "ring the cash register" every day to make it happen.
Take some time to think about the top three things that would give your company a better year next year than this year and then start to take the steps to make that a reality.
From our unscientific research, finding qualified employees to help facilitate growth is a biggie. How do you find those employees and once found, keep them? That discussion is for another day but for now, start the process. You can't reach your destination without a map.

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