July 23, 2020

" The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit."

Philippians 4:23

Does Your Face Talk?

I have been told that my face talks. Evidently it does because several people over the years have told me that it does. What I mean by this phrase is that you can usually tell by my expression how I am feeling about a certain subject, conversation or discussion. The frustrating part is that my mind is telling my face to not react, but my face has a mind of its own and totally ignores my mind and does its own thing. I was in a meeting not too long ago and a gentleman that was sitting across from me said later that I did not say anything, but my face was speaking volumes. 

I have learned however that what is inside of one’s self always has a way of showing on the outside. So, when my face is talking it is most times expressing something on the inside that should not come out or does not need to be said.

I encourage you to take a few minutes during your day to read Philippians chapter 4. The chapter has a lot of good things within it. Paul is talking to the church at Philippi. He is telling them to settle their disagreements and work together in harmony. Be full of joy. Do not worry about anything. Tell God what you need and thank Him. He tells us several things to think about and we will experience peace.

Bottom line when my face is talking it is usually because my thoughts are not where they need to be. Let us all try to be the Godly women that God desires us to be. I personally am going to try really hard to get my face to STOP TALKING!

Inside Out 2020
October 2-3
St. Louis Westport
We have a block of rooms at the Fairfield Inn & Suites and Residence Inn
St Louis Westport

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We know many of you are worried about registration due to the corona virus. We are planning on having Inside Out. A decision will be made by Sept. 1 should situations in St. Louis change. If the event is cancelled we will refund your registration in full.
July Birthdays!

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6 - Brittany Vemula
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14 - Rodney Walls
507 Victor st
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