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March 2017

Office Safety  
A climate controlled, beautifully appointed office doesn't typically prompt concerns about safety. However, each year hundreds of workers across the country suffer some type of injury while at the office. 

The most common injuries are related to ergonomics. Ergonomic injuries are those injuries caused by the presence of ergonomic risk factors, including:  
*    Awkward or sustained postures  
*    Forceful exertion or strain 
*    Contact pressure 
*    Exposure to vibration 
It is often a combination of these risk factors that, over time, can lead to pain, injury, and disability. 

Did you know Great River Office Products and our representatives are experts in ergonomic office furniture and office design? We can help reduce injuries caused by ergonomic risk factors. 
The next most common cause of an injury at the office a fall. Rugs that are not properly secured to the floor, boxes of clutter, and extension cords are reasons falls occur at the office.  

Clearing clutter in the hallways and office floors is important for businesses to keep workers safe. Purchasing additional cabinets for storage is a great first step to getting rid of the boxes and extra paper files that may be cluttering up your floor space. Great River Office can help find office storage units that are functional and look good.

Many companies are establishing task groups to periodically survey the office space to ensure clutter becomes a thing of the past. This same group is a good one to tap to maintain CPR certifications and train in the use of an office AED.  

An AED is the only way to correct a heartbeat that is fibrillating. A fibrillating heart will not permit adequate circulation even if CPR is performed perfectly, according to the AHA. The only recognized treatment for cardiac arrest is early defibrillation to electrically shock the heart back into a normal rhythm so it can effectively circulate blood.

Today, AEDs are becoming more commonly found in public areas and office settings. Their relative ease of use is one reason why. The newest generation of AEDs follows three steps. They electronically assess the patient and determine if the reason why no pulse is felt is that the heart has stopped or the rhythm is disorganized. They prepare to release an electric shock that can interrupt the poor rhythm. Finally, they deliver a defibrillating shock only when necessary. If a shock is not necessary, the device will not permit anyone to administer a shock. Some devices also assist in performing CPR. 

Great River Office Products carries AEDs. In the month of March we have an excellent device on sale!

When you think safety at the office, think Great River. If you would like a copy of our Safety Catalog, contact Dayna today.

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Do you have a defibrillator in your office?
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